Posted On: 11/26/18 8:31 PM

I have seen a good amount of 2022 prospects play at their young age and a lot of them have shown a lot of promise for the future. One of those guys is DJ Nix out of Cannon School in North Carolina. 

When I saw him play last weekend at the Phenom Hoops National Showcase he was one of the biggest 2022 guys on the court and the defense had to try and defend many different aspects of his game including his jump shot, attacking the rim and pushing the ball up the floor. The defense gave him a lot of different reads and he was able to adjust to what they were throwing at him which helped Cannon win their game.

We touched base with him to see how his summer went and he provided us with some good insight, “My summer went well, I put a lot of work in the gym, went to a lot of camps and really just tried to build up my game. The main things I have been working on is my ball handling and I feel like that has improved.”

As a freshman he is already being looked upon to being an important leader to his team, “I have to provide good defense, get points, get rebounds and kind of be that guy that my team looks to to control the game and pace.”

As we have said before he is still very young but that has not stopped the pursuit of some colleges to land his talents at the next level, “I am gaining a lot of interest from West Virginia, East Tennessee, Wake Forest, NC State and UNC Greensboro.”

He was able to talk about two of those schools for us.

West Virginia: “I like the playing style and like what I have seen from them when I have seen them on tv.”

East Tennessee: “I love their program and I believe that it could be a great fit for me.”