Posted On: 11/6/18 1:41 PM

One of the best athletes in the state is flying under the radar at Southern High School in Louisville. Sophomore Cearius “King” Warren is looking to change that with a massive season. Warren is 6’7 and super bouncy. He has great length and attacks the rim whenever possible. But what Warren has been working on this off-season is his ball handling, agility, jump shot and footwork to get ready for a sophomore campaign he has huge hopes for. Warren is hoping his improvements catch the eyes of college coaches. One college coach that stopped by Southern’s gym last month told me that when they played 5 on 5, Warren had the look of a no brainer mid major or better D1 kid. 

Heading into the season, King wants to show people that he is “more than they think I am”. Warren continued, “Everyone knows me for flashy dunks and stuff but this year I want to be known as a player that can do it all.” He also has lofty goals for his Southern team this season, “My goals for my team is to make it out of the 6th region. Everyone has been doubting us for the longest but this season I know for sure we’re going to make everybody feel us.”

Cearius recently checked in at 11 in our 2021 class rankings but he doesn’t feel any pressure being ranked highly. “Being ranked highly in the state doesn’t put any pressure on me at all. I mean it’s good to know that you’re ranked and all but once you hit that court those rankings and write-ups don’t matter.” If you live in or around Louisville, try to make a game and check out Southern and Cearius Warren. His dunks in the layup line will entertain and if he starts to reach his ceiling as a player, he could be the best player in the entire 2021 class and a potential top 100 player nationally. Hopefully he can change that potential into production this year.