Posted On: 11/26/18 3:00 PM

Stone Hutchings is coming of a great sophomore season. He built on that and had a great summer with his UBC Elite Team that competed at a high level. 

In 2016 When Stone was a freshman he was able to contribute to wins in a few varsity games. His production obviously increased the following year as a starter for a Copper Hills team that was one win away from a State Championship birth. Stone is a 6’4 G that is learning to do it all. During the WCE Camp here in Utah, Stone was impressive in handling the ball and scoring at all three levels.”Physically I have worked on getting stronger, quicker and faster. I have worked on my lateral movement. Skill wise I have worked on ball handling, my mid-range game and finishing strong with my left.” What makes a player like Stone tough is that he is a strong 185 pounds that can move well and play at both ends of the court. 

Stone gets his passion to play by focusing on the bigger picture of achieving his long term goals. Stone learned to play basketball from his father Mike Hutchings who was a Division 1 All- Academic All-American at Western Michigan as a wide receiver. They spend a lot of time in the gym working out together. Stone is hoping all that hard work he has put in translate to the court and he starts to get noticed as a legitimize college prospect.

Stone holds a 3.6 GPA and is working to improve his scores in the classroom to get that GPA up as well. Copper Hills has a brutal pre-season schedule that possibly only has two teams they should beat, every other game is going to be a battle. “Looking over our schedule each team we play has some really good players. I just look forward to the challenge we will face each night.” The first team on the schedule this year is Corner Canyon where he will likely be matched up against Gabe Toombs who is also 6’4 that has committed to Division 2 Purdue University Northwest.

Stone will be a great college player as he continues to develop and increase his IQ. Looking forward to seeing him develop as he has a high ceiling.