Posted On: 11/22/18 9:55 AM

We were able to catch-up with Landon Brenchley after his game against Springville. Landon was able to lead his Ridgeline team to a 67-60 victory to start the season.

Landon Brenchley who stands at 6’4 recently committed to play at Utah State University. He was clearly the best player on the court against Springville as he was able to score with ease and get his teammates easy looks. Although Landon will play guard at the next level, you are more than likely to see him play every position on his team.

This summer Landon was able to fine tune his skills as he worked on his pull-up game. Landon was able to score in many ways from the entire court. “The key to our win was our ability to get out in transition and score.” There are still a lot of things that Landon and his teammates would like to work on but starting the season scoring 29 points when the other team is trying to key on you defensively is a great start. “We really picked up the defensive intensity the last 3 quarters.” 

London was able to cut through the zone defense that Springville was in as well as their man defense. Landon found himself at the free-throw line very often and he doesn’t miss from the line. Brenchley could have put up a shot at almost anytime but was always looking to get his teammates good looks and involved in the game. Landon could be a problem for other teams that cannot match his size and speed and even then he is quite crafty. He plays on both ends of the court and does all the little things.

We look forward to seeing if Ridgeline and Landon Brenchley can play 4 quarters of intense defense and take their shot at their region.