Posted On: 11/24/18 10:00 AM

Class of 2020 6’6 SF Kase Peterson of Herriman High School is one of those kids that stands out on the court. Not only because #35 is 6’6, 215, but because of the way he carries himself on the court and off the court.

When you’re in the gym near other high school coaches you can hear them tell each other, “I wish I had a kid like that, he’s a game changer.” Kase could help any team make a deep playoff run. 

Kase had an excellent summer playing with Exum Elite and under Coach Trent Whitting. Kase is one of those throwback players that does all the little things. He hopes to someday have a similar game to Kyle Kuzma.  

Kase is starting to generate a lot of interest from local schools because of his athleticism and continual skill development. The thing that jumps out the most on the court is his unselfish play and high intensity motor.

Kase also distinguished himself from the rest by he way he excels in the classroom . He has a 3.95 GPA and his Pre-ACT is a 27. Although his recruiting is a bit slow right now, it will soon pickup. Look for these high academic schools to start to court Kase as well. 

This year Kase has a fresh start with new Head Coach Casey Briggs. “ I feel like we have a lot more mutual trust between the players and the coach. I believe every word Briggs says, because I know that he knows how to win basketball games.” Herriman looks a lot better this year (1-1) as they’re running a lot more open sets rather than a set play every trip down the court. “I also think that we rely less on set plays this year whereas last year that’s about all we did.” This could open up lanes for PG Jael Vaughn and SG LeGrand Burgess, which will ultimately open things up for Kase. If Coach Briggs can get these young men to continue to buy in, he has the size, speed and shooting to surprise some teams in 6A.

Kase knows that in order for Herriman to be successful he is going to have to do the little things like rebound and be discipline on defense. Look for Kase to show off his new and improved midrange jumper that he has been working on this year. 

Local D2 Westminster is showing major interest as well as every JUCO in the region. Kase has interest in working with people and has thought about working in education. 

Herriman has 8 difficult matchups before the start of region play. Kase thinks his team is up for it and is looking forward to the challenge, especially that game against Olympus.