Posted On: 11/19/18 12:25 PM

The last bit of the Prep Hoops Indiana Freshman Showcase is coming out over the next few days as we finish up our evaluations for the event. Today, we are looking at Team 10 and those players full breakdowns.

#30 Jonah Lucas
5’11 PG Lafayette Harrison (IN)
Jonah is a solid guard who provided value inside and out. Was a solid scorer on the perimeter but also was great on the boards, playing bigger and stronger than you would think. Should grow and the frame will fill out well, giving a big guard that can play on or off the ball right now with a capable jumper.

#40 Colin Comer
6’0 SG Greensburg (IN)
Comer is a shooting gaurd with good touch behind the arc. Was great off the catch and can play off the ball really well. Moves well and with a purpose. Will have the ability to create off the bounce but might take a minute. Has great range out to the volleyball line.

#48 Kyle Thomas
6’1 SG Cloverdale (IN)
Kyle is a tall guard with some handles and can get into the lane a little bit. Good vision and can pass the ball at a solid level. Will be a guy that will have to determine if he will be on or off the ball but has a very capable jumper if he needs to lend himself more to scoring the ball.

#76 Connor Penrod
6’3 PF DeKalb (IN)
Connor is a big forward who has solid touch around the rim. Footwork will need to be cleaned up but has some moves with his back to the basket. Can play in the mid-range well and has some toughness at the rim where you will struggle to defend him. Really productive while still showing efficiency.

#88 Brevin Hallat
6’5 SF Blue River Valley (IN)
Hallatt is a solid forward who has the mobility of playing on the perimeter. His game lends itself more towards the paint where he can rebound really well and score on the low block. Long and will grow, still being able to play all over the floor.

#10 Cayden Vasko
5’9 PG Lowell (IN)
Cayden is a small guard with some pace and shooting ability. Liked his ability to lead the offense when they were getting set. Lacks great size right now and caused some issues but was shooting the ball really well from deep and was able to keep control of the team. Solid lead guard to watch.

#20 Alan Karrfalt
5’10 SG Covington (IN)
Alan is a small guard who showed he can play on or off the ball. Moves well in space and found a few opprotunites but needed a few more in this format. Handles are solid and strength is there to handle pressure on the ball. Will need to find some more offense and pick spots but rebounding was good for a lead guard.

#60 Trevor Funk
6’2 SF Clinton Prairie (IN)
Funk is a big wing that will likely end up a forward as he grows. He plays more in the paint now and was more effective as a defensive rebounder and finishing on the offensive glass. Footwork was solid but didn’t get enough touches at times but was effective when he did.

#73 Evan Kretz
6’4 PF Western (IN)
Evan is a big wing that plays well on the perimeter and has a solid jumper. Shooting the ball provided him with some stretch ability. Might be able to play in the post as he grows although likely to stay more as a 3/4. Showed he could put it on the floor and drive but will need to be cleaned up a bit.