Posted On: 11/20/18 11:30 PM

Tuesday night PrepHoops checked out some JUCO action as John A Logan traveled to Kaskaskia for GRAC clash.  This game is always a close game year in and year out.  That was the case again here.  Each team put runs together throughout.  At the half it was tied at 49 all.  It was close until about five minutes left when Logan locked down defensively for a few consecutive possessions and attacked the rack on the way to a 93-82 win.  Here is our Most Intriguing Prospects: John A Logan vs Kaskaskia.


SF Jayden Scrubb (John A Logan – Freshman)

We had heard some buzz about his freshman from Louisville, but this was our first chance to see him play.  He was insanely impressive.  At 6’6” he is a legit point-forward that is great with the ball in his hands.  Started off with an explosive slash for a dunk.  Then showed off his lefty jumper.  Clean mechanics on his shot.  Also proved to be a big time rebounder especially on the offensive glass with his second jump.  Can post up smaller/weaker defenders.  Came away very impressed with his passing feel and vision in the half court.  High-major prospect!  He had 21 points and 10 rebounds.


PG David Sloan (John A Logan – Sophomore)

Sloan is one of the top JUCO sophomores in the country.  The 6’0” lead guard kind of glided through portions of the game, but showed flashes for sure.  Nice shot fake and blow by for an up and under.  Works well around ball screens and likes to use floaters over big men.  About midway through the second half he turned it up another notch and showed why he is a high-major lead guard.  Pushed the tempo, was aggressive with attacks, and displayed his elite vision.  Made several huge passes late.  With the way he can manipulate ball screens and pass he has a very bright future.  Finished with 15 points.


SF Vonnie Patterson (John A Logan – Sophomore)

Patterson is a power wing at 6’4”.  Very strong and physical frame especially in his upper body.  Takes quality angles attacking the hoop.  Solid rebounder and has the ability to take it off the rim and go the other way.  Quickness in the post.  Tools to be a good defender.  Went for 14 points.  Low-majors and mid-majors should monitor.


PF Jordan Cousin (John A Logan – Freshman)

Cousins is a 6’7” forward that has an intriguing build at his size.  Opened up early with a wing three and had a post-up to begin the second half, but didn’t do much else.  Floats too much.  Talented, but to max out his ability will need to be more active.  Finished with 6 points.


SG Chris Harris (John A Logan – Sophomore)

Harris is a player we saw in high school with Lake Forest Academy and on the travel team circuit with the Illinois Wolves.  Strong two guard that has a super physical upper body.  Plus athlete that had some huge drives late.  He took it right at the KC defense finishing through them on multiple occasions.  If he has a mismatch he will punish a weaker defender in the post.  Pressures the ball on the defensive end.  Potential as a mid-range shooter which will help him at the next level.  Rebounds well from the perimeter.  He had 13 points.  Low-major prospect.


SG Jonah Jackson (John A Logan – Sophomore)

Jackson is a big time sniper from deep.  The Merrillville, IN native is another prospect we saw growing up on the grassroots circuit and he has always been able to shoot it.  Drilled a few triples in this game including one that gave Logan the momentum in the contest.  Moves well without the ball.  Does the little things well.  Solid defender.  Three and D wing at the next level.  Low-majors looking for immediate help shooting this is your guy!


F Parker Dortch (Kaskaskia – Sophomore)

Never heard of this New Jersey native before, but he was one of the best players on the floor.  The 6’7” forward is a sophomore that lit it up.  Well-built prospect that can take contact inside.  Stretches the floor with his shooting.  Shot it well both pulling up and off the catch from beyond the arc.  At the next level he could even play as a face up four in pick/pop situations.  Scored well in the post on a few touches down there.  Quality rebounder.  Went for 25 points.  No doubt D1 player at the low-major level.


SF Thomas Bell (Kaskaskia – Sophomore)

Bell is a rangy small forward that has been our radar for a while.  Like him when he was young playing at Cahokia.  Always was intriguing with his length and projectability.  Never really put it all together, but he has improved over the last couple years.  Still rangy, but has added strength.  Hit a couple jumpers.  The release point on his shot along with how much arc he puts on it makes it so inconsistent though.  Forced some bad shots.  Think the right D2 could take a chance on him as a utility guy.  Finished with 10 points.


PG Quin Nottingham (Kaskaskia – Sophomore)

This Champaign native is the heart and soul of Kaskaskia.  Gritty lead guard that made an array of crafty layups and scoop shots in the paint.  Pushes in the open floor.  Capable mid-range pull up shooter.  He had 19 points.  The 6’1” guard should find a home at the D3/NAIA level.


PG Jamal Thomas (Kaskaskia – Sophomore)

Thomas is a high-IQ point guard that runs the show!  He does a nice job of getting others involved in the half court and directing his team.  Only scored 5 points, but left his mark on the game with his ability to run his squad.  D3/NAIA’s should be interested in this kid.