Posted On: 11/25/18 8:02 PM

With the new format to the season, we are looking to do more full on player breakdowns. They will come on Fridays and Sundays. This version is our full-week breakdown with games from Monday to Saturday. This week I watched Indianapolis Howe vs. Irvington Prep, and Plainfield vs. Avon.

Tony Truth – 2019 – 5’11 PG – Howe
Truth is a player who is really tough going to the rim. Attacked the rim really well in this one and picked his spots well. He’s someone that really needs to work on his off hand finishing at the rim or the most skilled players are going to end up taking his left hand away from him. Truth is effective with his left but I would like to see him more balanced. A solid pickup for Mount St. Joseph. – 17 points 

Kycia Washington – 2019 – 6′ PG – Howe
Washington wasn’t as impressive as I have seen him before but he was pretty good in this one. A player who attacked the rim but needed to pick his spots a little bit better in this one. Would have liked to see him shoot the ball a little better but you can see that he has that available in his game. Very quick with the ball and can get defenders on their heels. – 14 points

Jalen Stamps – 2019 – 5’11 PG – Howe
Stamps was very intriguing and was the best player on the floor for Howe in the game. He was shooting the ball really well and is an extremely strong guard. Stamps is a transfer in from Warren Central and for how he is going to be one of their leading scorers this year. Good on defense as he uses his quickness to throw the offensive player off. Could be a really good lead guard at the next level – 23 points

J.P. Carroll – 2019 – 5’9 PG – Avon
Carroll really didn’t do much in this one. Last year at Lawrence North he looked pretty solid running the point, but without playmakers he struggled a bit. Just wasn’t able to get into a groove and set the offense. Seemed like a lot of players were out of position and they really struggled all night. Carroll did not shoot well from the field either. – 2 points, 2 rebounds

Wendell DeMyers – 2020 – 6’3 SG – Avon
DeMyers was a guy who I was interested in seeing but really underperformed. Forced shots and could not get anything to go down. Is best when he is running the floor and he wasn’t able to do that tonight. Someone who is best in a run and gun system and that is not this Avon team. – 5 points, 3 rebounds, 3 steals

Tewon Kelly – 2019 – 6’4 SF – Irvington Prep
I hadn’t seen Kelly before and was really interested to see how he looked. A wing who could dominate at the next level. Really thin and likely needs to gain weight. Would have loved to see him shoot the ball a little more but he was dominant when he was around the rim. Pretty good ball handler that is going to exert his will on teams this year. Kelly has a really good motor and is going to end up getting a lot of attention this year. – 25 points, 7 rebounds

Cade Gibbs – 2019 – 6’5 SF – Plainfield
Gibbs was a good looking and long wing player. He was able to attack the basket and also rebounded the ball really well. His basketball IQ is really good and you were able to see that my the amount of shots that he blocked in this one. A solid prospect who could get a few DIII looks this year. – 10 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks

Aidan Booher – 2021 – 6’4 SF – Plainfield
Booher was the best player on the floor in this one. He jump started Plainfield early on and hit two early 3-pointers. Booher is a solid shooter with a shot that is going to fall a lot. He is active on the boards on both offense and defense. A solid performance to start the year. Going to be a sophomore to watch the next three years. – 18 points, 6 rebounds

Jakob Gibbs – 2019 – 6’5 SF – Plainfield
Gibbs was a solid wing prospect who looked pretty solid. He scored a little bit and rebounded the ball pretty well. The best part of his game in this one was his passing. He was able to find the open man and he took care of the ball. Could be a guy that DIII’s take a look at. – 9 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists