Posted On: 11/25/18 11:46 PM

New RankTeamRecord
2St. Augustine23-2
3Holy Cross21-5
5Catholic BR18-5

1) Scotlandville (4-0)

Well, its another year, and once against Scotlandville is the favorite to win another state title. Most teams when losing a Jordan Brand All-American might take a step back, but Scotlandville just continues to reload. What is, perhaps, most surpirisng about this year’s Scotlandville team is that there isn’t a single senior on the squad. So no matter how good Scotlandville is this year (and they are pretty darn good), this isn’t even their final form.

2) Jesuit (4-0)

I had a bit of a tough time deciding exactly what to do with Jesuit. On one hand, they are undefeated, but on the other hand, I’m not sure if any of their wins are necessarily quality wins. I decided to put them at the # 2 spot, because despite not playing a very tough schedule up to this point, they have taken care of business against weaker schools and gotten every win by nearly 30+ points. This weekend will be a good test for Jesuit, as they host a pretty competitive tournament. If they are able to come away with the trophy, they will certainly cement themselves at the # 2 spot.

3)Catholic BR (3-2)

I will be honest, I am a little surprised that Catholic BR already has two losses on the season. After reaching the Final 4 last season and returning nearly every starter, I expected them to be neck and neck with Scotlandville this year for the state championship this year. And they were in their game against them, only losing 52-59. However, the next night they dropped a game against a good but not great Ponchatoula squad at home. I expect them dropping two straight will be a rare occurrence this year.

4) Holy Cross (3-1)

For the first time in PHLA history, Holy Cross is ranked in the top 5 in class rankings. This is going to be their most talented squad in quite some time, and they are going to be lead by Kalil Thomas. However, he won’t be their only talented player this season. They are going to rely heavily on Jason Chan at the lead guard spot, and Aaron Ursin has come a long way in the last year holding down the middle. Their only loss this year was against an supremely talented Sophie B. Wright team. They are also going to be playing in the Jesuit tournament, so if they can come home with a win, they will be jumping a few spots in the next update.

5) St. Augustine (3-1)

St. Augustine has a target on their back like few others do in the state. Every single time that they step on the court, they are getting every team’s absolute best effort. So it is understandable that they dropped a game that they probably should have won against Edna Karr, but they have made up for it by beating some tough teams, such as Crescent City and McDonough 35. They have a lot of really talented young players, and things definitely look bright for the future.


John Curtis (2-1)