Posted On: 11/27/18 11:41 PM

New RankPrev RankTeamRecord
11Bossier 21-3
2NRBreaux Bridge22-3

1) Madison Prep (1-0)

It’s a new year, and something tells me that Madison Prep is probably going to be pretty good at this whole basketball thing. They have one win so far this season, but today starts Hamilton Christian’s Showdown at the Lake Tournament, so they are going to face real tests this weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an adjustment period after losing 3 D1 players off last year’s squad, but Madison Prep might be better at reloading talent than anyone in the state.

2) Sophie B. Wright (2-0)

Now that their three headed monster of Greg Hammond, Damiree Burns, and Charlie Russell are all seniors, Sophie B. Wright might be the most talented team in the state. On any given night, all three of those players are capable of getting you 30+ points, and I just don’t think there’s another team in the state that can say that. Once again 3A is going to be one of the toughest classes to win a state title in.

3) Peabody (3-1)

Peabody is another historically great squad that has continued to reload year after year. A season ago, Peabody reached yet another state title game, and I think that they have a chance to be even better this year. Their only loss so far this season was a 3 point loss against Bossier, who might be the top team in the state. I don’t see Peabody losing to many more games this year.

4) Wossman (2-0)

Wossman has started out the season so far 2-0, but with them playing in the Hamilton Christian tournament this weekend, if they stay undefeated I will be very surprised. I think this year the state title race in 3A is a 3 man race, and then there is a bit of a gap before the next handful of teams. Don’t get me wrong, Wossman is a really good team, but if you want to truly compete in 3A this year, you have to be elite.

5) Lake Charles College Prep (4-1)

I had a tough time finding a fifth team to put in these rankings, but ultimately I decided to go with LCCP. Their only loss so far this year was to Lagrange, which looks pretty bad on their resume. However, I think they have more talent top to bottom than any of the other 3A teams that have started out good so far this year.


Donaldsonville (3-2)

Abbeville (3-0)