Posted On: 11/26/18 11:12 AM

New RankPrev RankTeamRecord
2Red River5-0
3Avoylles Charter5-0
5Port Allen3-2

1) Rayville (3-1)

Rayville over the past two seasons has lost a total of one game. And the only game they have lost was against a nationally ranked opponent, in a loss by 8. They also bring the best player of the 2019 class onto the floor every night. So until someone comes along and dethrones them, they are going to be the top team in 2A

2) Red River (5-0)

No one has done it yet, but Red River has been the closest team to upsetting Rayville over the past two seasons. They almost got the best of Rayville in the state semi-final a year ago. The biggest reason why has to be Emareyon McDonald, a top 100 player in the country for the 2021 class. He is capable of going for 30+ any given night.

3) Avoylles Charter (5-0)

Avoylles was able to make it to the final 4 in last year’s Marsh Madness tournament, and they return nearly their entire starting 5 from last year’s squad. They have marched out to a very impressive 5-0 record this year, and seem poised to do something special this season. I would be very surprised if they weren’t a final 4 team come the end of this season as well.

4) Rapides (2-1)

As far as 2A goes, I see it as a top three race, and then a bit of a drop off as far as the state title goes. Now that isn’t to say that Rapides doesn’t have talent. They are a really talented team, and they play a super up tempo style that I really enjoy watching. I’m just not sure if they have the size to keep up with the rest of the top 3 that 2A has to offer.

5) Port Allen (3-2)

I’m not sure exactly how good Port Allen is going to be this season, but I am confident that this team is going to be one to beat in the coming years. They have brought in a very talented freshman group to go along with the rest of the older talent that was already walking the halls. I would be surprised if Port Allen wasn’t contending for state titles over the next few years.