Posted On: 11/20/18 8:24 PM


Tuesday Siegel High School hosted Marshall County High School and K.J. Johnson (@PrepHoopsTN #11).

With excellent help defense Siegel pummeled Marshall County, 84-49.

Early in the game elite point guard Zion Swader locked up the slippery Lipscomb-signee K.J. Johnson for five seconds. 

“Overrated.  Overrated.  Overrated,” chanted Siegel students afterwards.

It was an unpleasant opening frame for MCHS.

Early halfcourt pressure stifled Johnson and the Tigers.

As the second quarter opened Johnson began carving up the Stars. Swader was beat just twice.  Johnson managed to get to the rim.

Unfortunately, Johnson made just a sprinkling of layups. 

Siegel committed many help defenders.  Even after Johnson slipped by the first line of defense he was swiftly met with two or three more bodies.

In the second quarter, at the beginning, Johnon got to rim, but missed a few times. 

Later in the same quarter Johnson began scoring like usual. 

Johnson finished the first half with 12 points. 

Glaring Problems

Marshall County lacks any big man.  Defensive rebounding is essentially an undertaking.  The Tigers’ frontline measures about 6-foot-1 and maybe 6-foot-2.

Teams are and are going to score many, many second chance points on the Tigers.

With the game completely out of hand midway through the fourth quarter Marshall County pulled K.J. 

It was an ok game. Not his best.  

Johnson did get to the free throw line plenty. He definitely created problems with his dribble.

He scored 30 points but the first quarter misses, few that there were, disallowed his Tigers to have a second half chance.