Posted On: 11/16/18 11:00 AM

Imagine the KHSAA having a service like NBA League Pass where you can watch any game regardless of location. What teams would you watch regularly? Who would be the most fun teams to watch? Today we run through some of the more thrilling teams around the state of Kentucky that you should dig up a livestream on or check out in person if you can!

5. Warren Central – Call it a recency bias because I just watched the Dragons play last Saturday but they were electric and were still missing two starters. Central presses on defense, run on offense and have several long athletes looking to dunk anything they can. Once Kobe Brents gets eligible, they’ll add a talented shooter to go along with an already fun team to watch. Don’t be surprised to see Warren Central near the top of the state in points per game this season as they make a push to return to Rupp Arena in March.

4. Male – Male has always had good athletes and their Junior class is very talented and fun to watch. The key to this high ranking is the addition of new coach Tim Haworth. Haworth’s wide open pressing and running style is a perfect fit for a Bulldog team that has a team loaded with potential college players. This past Saturday, Male was scoring a ton, talking trash, pressing and running for the full 40 minutes of a scrimmage. Now imagine that stretched out over a full regulation game. This team is going to be a whole lot of fun to watch and Coach Haworth (and Derek Anderson on the bench) are entertaining all game long. If you can see Male play this year, you need to.

3. Covington Catholic – Yes this Cov Cath group has an overall lack of experience and star power compared to last year’s team but watching them this summer, the Colonels were playing faster and having more fun than the group that won state last season. Nick Thelen runs the floor very well and they no longer have to wait for Jake Walters to get up and down the floor so their pace is even higher. Cov Cath is going to continue to space the floor and take and make several 3s but their improved transition offense is going to make this group even more fun to watch as they look to defend their state championship.

2. Scott County – Anyone who watched and enjoyed the early 90s Kentucky teams will love watching Scott County play. They run 4 guards and a post at almost all times, play tough 2-2-1 pressure defense and spread the floor while taking a ton of 3s. There are about 6 different players on the roster who could hit 3 or more threes every night out. Scott County wears opponents down with depth and shooting and they should do that even more this season as Coach Hicks has the allthe weapons to go out and score 80+ per night and go claim the last state championship before Scott County splits into two high schools next year.

1. University Heights – This team is without a doubt the most exciting group to watch in the state. Not only do the score the ball at a high rate with all the skilled offensive players they have, but they also play zero defense which makes for some really exciting games. This past Saturday, Male and UHA combined for a really exciting scrimmage. It was more fun than about any game I watched all last season (and I watch a lot of games). The UHA rivalry games with Christian County and Hopkinsville could get into the triple digits this season in regulation play. The pace they play with on offense is crazy and KyKy Tandy is trying to rip the rim off every time he touches the ball. If you have a chance to watch UHA play this season, you need to take advantage of it. The pace and scoring they will play with is worth the price of admission and then some for anyone who is a fan of good offense.