Posted On: 11/28/18 7:19 PM

When schedules come out it’s always surprising when teams opt to play certain teams over more talented teams. It fantastic seeing that the top team in 5A was going to play the top team in 6A. Last season Olympus went undefeated and won the 5A State Championship and Pleasant Grove was one game short of a 6A title.

Man Down, Next Man Up

Pleasant Grove announced earlier this week that they would be without sharpshooter Kawika Akina who is a 3-point threat and helps keep defenses honest when they double Van Komen. His teammates picked up the slack and were able to pull off the road victory in a last second stunner.

Kale Who?

Kale Mikklesen, that’s who! He hit the last two shots of the game but none more important than the last second sprint down the court for a layup. Kale only scored 10 points but in the absence of Akina that was more than enough. 

Olympus Will be Fine

One of the biggest question marks for Olympus was who was going to help Rylan and Jeremy with the scoring load. That question wasn’t answered last night but the” Olympus Splash Brother” look like they will be fine if they do not get much help at all. 

Olympus is well coached. 

Game of the Year

There are few other games we look forward to watching because it’s between two high profile teams but this game was fantastic. The ending was insane and every fan got their money’s worth. 

Looking Forward

Pleasant Grove remains the front runner to win 6A but Copper Hills looked good against Corner Canyon. Olympus has there hands full with Sky View and Mason Falslev and Corner Canyon after that. Olypus just has the best backcourt in the state and that might be all they need.