Posted On: 11/22/18 12:00 PM

Tick tock, the season is almost here. Practice started across Iowa on Nov. 12, and games will start across the state on Tuesday, Nov. 27. That gives us just enough time to bring some quantitative lists, counting down the best returners in a given statistical category. The series continues with us bringing you the best returning rebounders, from 4A to 1A. 


T9 Codey Hicks, Janesville — 9.3

This is an intriguing power forward who had a great showing at our Top 250 Expo in September. At 6-foot-5, he’s taller than most guys be comes up against at the 1A level, but it’s his feel for the game and his aggressiveness that allows him to be one of the state’s best rebounders. 



T9 Tate Bear, Meskwaki Settlement School — 9.3 

We love this kid’s game, and whether it was with Iowa Intensity 17U this summer, or at our Top 250 Expo this fall, he always impresses. He’s a bit undersized at 6-foot-3, but more than makes up for that with his length and athleticism. 



8 Issa Samake, Grand View Christian — 9.5

There’s a lot of things that Issa Samake is good at, like blocking shots, show-stopping jams, even shooting. And with his size and athleticism, it’s no wonder he’s an adept rebounder, too. Throw in the fact that he has a ridiculous 7-foot-4 wing-span, and you can bet he’s one of the best prospects in Iowa. 



T6 Cole Klimesh, South Winneshiek — 9.7

It’s not often we get to write about South Winneshiek, but Klimesh and teammate Levi Lukes will give us ample opportunity to do so this winter. More of a specialist than others on this list, Klimesh averaged more rebounds than he did points last season. But with some key scorers graduating from his team, we expect the 6-foot-3 big-man to average a double-double with points and rebounds this season. 



T6 TJ Schnurr, Bishop Garrigan — 9.8

A big and versatile combo-forward, Schnurr has been one of the state’s more prolific players fro a couple seasons now. Sophomore teammate Angelo Winkel has established himself as a high-level rebounder this offseason, and Schnurr’s boards might decrease as a result. He’ll take that if means a state title for the Golden Bears, we’re sure. 


5 Will Clapper, Baxter — 10.2

He averaged 4.7 rebounds per game as a freshman and then 7.7 as a sophomore. Last season he was able break the double-digit barrier. We only expect that number to take another leap this season. What’s best is his offensive rebounding, no returner had more than Clapper did last season. 



4 John Galm, Clay Central-Everly — 10.3

Clay Central-Everly won just two games all of last season, so there hasn’t been much to write about with the Mavericks. Despite the poor season for CC-E, Galm was a bright spot, not only averaging the 10+ boards per game, but also 17 points. 



3 Parker Hitt, Mormon Trail — 10.7

We picked him as a preseason first-team all-conference selection, and it’s not only his ability to rebound, but his ability to score, defend and block shots that make him one of the best threats in 1A.



2 Devin Fuson, Madrid — 10.8

The 10.8 rebounds per game are great, but lets talk about the 4.3 offensive rebounds per game he snared last season. That means he’s keeping the ball in his team’s hands for more than four extra possessions per game. Even if they only scored on half of those possessions, that’s an extra four to five points per game he’s providing just from being aggressive on the o-glass. 



1 Keegan Simons, Ar-We-Va — 13.0

Simons leads the field here by a wide-margin. Those 13 rebounds per game are not only the best from any returning player, but it was the fifth-best total from any player in any class last season. Simons is only 6-foot-2, but manages to still put up elite rebounding numbers. Statistically speaking,  inch-for-inch, he’s the best rebounder in Iowa.