Posted On: 11/10/18 12:00 PM

Yorkville Christian 2022 guard Jaden Schutt is a player that posted monster numbers in grammar school.  Played up some with the Illinois Wolves last summer.  What you have to like about him is his shooting and feel for the game.  Very clean shot mechanically pulling up and off the bounce.  Consistent mechanics every time he let it fly.  Connects off the catch at a very high rate.  Moves without the ball to get open.  Good athlete.  Smart basketball player.

This fall he has been working out with the Illinois Wolves grassroots program preparing for the season.

“I really like it.  There are a lot of good coaches and mentors.  Just the experience with all the competitiveness has been great.”

Schutt discussed what he has learned this fall.

“Learning my teammates and how to play with them.  How to be competitive and go the entire game.  How to find open shots.”

How has it gone preparing for the upcoming high school season?

“It has been great.  A lot of new guys coming in.  My brother is on the team.  A lot of guys I have known for a while.”

He broke down his role on the team.

“More of a floor general and shooter.”

Schutt chatted with us about his skill set as a young prospect.

“I have been called sneaky athletic.  More of a shooter.  Control the ball and control the game like a floor general.”