Posted On: 11/27/18 10:59 PM


Hours after Thanksgiving Day Hamilton Heights Christian Academy throttled Wesley Christian (KY), 89-72. 

In a game littered with highlights Hamilton Heights Christian Academy junior guard Samson Ruzhentsev (pictured above) provided the best.

Midway through the second half Ruzhentsev scored ten uninterrupted points.

“It was crazy really,” said Samson Ruzhentsev afterwards.

The Russian-born volume scorer smirked during the post game presser, but Ruzhentsev roared with glee during the game.

A fellow reporter asked Jordan how he managed to collect a game-high 10 assists.

“Just trying to run the team, ” said Jordan Rawls.


For young, talented players like Jordan Rawls and Samson Ruzhentsev everything is focused on what is next. ‘How much better can I become?  When will I be able to do that?’

Both Rawls and Ruzhentsev watch pros to expand their basketball mind.

“I watch a lot of Allen Iverson,” said Rawls.

While Iverson was an unrelenting scorer Rawls is more focused on distributing.  Rawls showed off his floater all weekend too.

Zach Levine is the player Samson Ruzhentsev emulates and admires.

Samson has a unique life journey.  He moved to the United States in 2017 with basketball ambitions.  Coach Ferrell held some apprehension about bringing in another Russian prospect after a previously difficult experience. 

“It has been an interesting journey with me and Samson,” said Coach Ferrell.  “A lot of times it can be a adjustment.” 

Samson adapted to a new country, a new team, and a new home last season.

“Lot of challenging moments,” said Coach Ferrell. “Credit him. He never got too frustrated.”

The progress of Samson’s game is more apparent to the watchful eye.  Every game out he seems to do something more unbelievable.  Look for Samson to crack national top 40 lists shortly.

“Because he was willing to work through the hard times he is where he is right now,” said Coach Ferrell. 


For Jordan Rawls, reclassed to 2020, Kansas State offered.

“I fully expect some SEC achools to come om board, said HHCA Head Coach Zach Ferrell.  “It has been real steady.”

Samson is the #7 player in Tennessee’s 2020 class.

“With Sam he has gotten several high major offers in the last few weeks and I see that continuing to grow.”

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