Posted On: 11/22/18 2:00 PM

 I would like to wish a very special Happy Thanksgiving to all of the followers of Prep Hoops Missouri. With that being said, there are many things to be thankful for in basketball land. Here are a few of those things.

 *Very thankful to the Prep Hoops Network for providing a tremendous service to the basketball community nationwide with the commitment to provide recognition to players of all levels of ability.

 *Very thankful to my friend Scott Burgess of Prep Hoops Illinois for giving the owners of Prep Hoops my name when it was time to start a Prep Hoops Missouri site three years ago. I’m very thankful of this opportunity to travel around the Show-Me State and see all of the kids.

 *Very thankful to Nick Carroll of Prep Hoops Missouri for giving me the opportunity to cover basketball for the Prep Hoops Network. It has been wonderful.

  *Very thankful to have a very supportive and understanding wife, Judy Austin, who has been with me throughout this journey. Travelling around the country to see players and tournaments means being away from home quite a bit and she has been a tremendous support system for me over the years and I love her very much for it.

  *Very thankful to all of the readers, subscribers and twitter followers that have helped grow Prep Hoops Missouri and keep it going strong over the past three years.

  *Very thankful to all of the players from around the state who have been working hard and making a great impact on basketball in the state and around the country. You guys are awesome.

  *Very thankful for all of the grassroots coaches who have been a tremendous help to me during the summer to provide the best summer basketball coverage that I possibly can.

  *Very thankful for all of the dedicated high school coaches, parents, relatives and all the other important figures in the lives of these young men during their journey through the high school basketball landscape.

  *Very thankful for all of the collegiate coaches who continue to support Prep Hoops Missouri as we look to continue to help you in your hunt for the best prospects that you can find.