Grapevine Faith vs. Grace Prep Scrimmage Recap

High School

Posted On: 11/4/18 7:31 PM

Andre Powe was able to catch two top DFW private schools scrimmage one another. Here is the full recap below.

Team Analysis:

Grapevine Faith–  Coached by Matt Sayman, the Lions are a talented team. They know how to spread you out and swing the ball around to get open shots for their shooters. Grapevine Faith’s two best prospects are both underclassmen. Top 25 sophomore in the state Tyler Lundblade and Top 20 freshman in the state for class 2022 Christian Weddington.

Arlington Grace Prepatory– Coached by Richie Alfred, the Lions of Grace Prep have some good players on his team as well. The score for the scrimmage was not tallied, but if it were, Grace Prep would have won by at least fourteen points. Grace Prep is an athletic team that gets out well in transition. The Lions also play good solid team defense. 

Top Players/Performances


Tyler Lundblade / 6’4” / SG / Grapevine Faith / 2021

Tyler is one of the best shooters in the state and he proved it by hitting multiple three pointers from beyond the arc. Lundblade has good size for position and it does not take him long to get his shot off. He is also a capable ball handler that can run the point for his team if needed. Lundblade makes sound decisions with the ball in his hands. He needs to improve his athleticism and lateral quickness to stay in front of people. 

Tanner Hill
Tanner Hill

Tanner Hill / 6’0 / PG / Grapevine Faith /  2020

Tanner is solid point guard that can create space to get shots for himself. He is also a good passer who keeps his head up when he has the ball to find open players on the offensive end.

Evan Mccarthy
Evan Mccarthy

Evan McCarthy / 5’10 / PG / Grace Prep / 2019

Evan had the best performance of any player in the building. He got out in transition, ran the lanes well, and his teammates found him. McCarthy also showcased his shooting ability when he erupted for at least four threes in the scrimmage. 

D2 Prospect 


Brandon Lawrence /  6’2” / PG / Grace Prep / 2020

Lawrence is a natural distributor that makes players around him better. He knows how to see the floor and make the right play for the majority of the time. He might have had five plus assists to go along with a double digit scoring game. He also has good defensive instincts and finds a way to get steals either on the ball or stepping into the passing lane.


D.J. Jones / 5’10” / PG / Grace Prep / 2020

D.J. is the guard that may be the least talked about of the three, but does things for his team that will help them win games this season. He is a good ball handler that can help bring the ball up when needed. D.J. is also a capable shooter that can knock down jumpers when open. He is also a good on the ball defender that slides his feet very well.