Posted On: 11/30/18 8:15 PM

Hollman Smith pictured above. Photo credit: Falls Church News Press.

Solid guard play can be the key to victories. Despite the lack of height, George Mason has the luxury of having a productive backcourt in Hollman Smith and Max Ashton, two players who are now in their senior years.

The Tigers of Brentsville (0-1) traveled up to Falls Church, Friday evening, to challenge the Mustangs (0-1). Here’s what we observed from the two Mustang guards.

Ashton Has Range

The first element that makes Ashton an important piece to the Mustang’s roster is his 3-point shooting. After swinging the ball around the perimeter multiple times in the half court, Ashton did a great job moving without the ball and opening himself up for a trey ball.

Max Ashton. Photo credit:

Length on Both Sides of the Ball

Ashton and Hollman were two of the taller players on the floor and used it to their advantage on defense when picking up smaller opponents in man-to-man. Both players picked up a slew of steals and translated the forced turnovers to fast break buckets.

Ashton’s Playmaking

Ashton has a stellar ball fake to compliment his jump shot, which fooled defenders multiple times throughout the night. After getting a defender off the ground he drew Brentwood toward him leaving his teammates open. Ashton’s basketball IQ on the offensive side of the ball is apparent, and it helps bring up the level of play from his teammates.

Hollman is a Defensive Stopper

Hollman showcased his versatility, taking the responsibility of covering the post due to the Mustang’s lack of size. However, he also extended out after switches and applied immediate pressure – ultimately forcing a couple turnovers.

Take it to the Hoop

Hollman, specifically, has good strength for a guard and when he drives to the basket, he lets it be known. Each time he took it to the rack, he was able to draw the foul while finding the high percentage jump shot. Like Ashton, Hollman also made smart decisions when the rock was in his hand, not forcing anything and making the right pass when necessary.

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George Mason returns to action on Tuesday, December 4, when it travels to Ashburn to take on Broad Run.