Posted On: 11/27/18 10:35 PM

El Reno holds on in their top ten matchup versus Piedmont led by Dyson Plumley and company. They walked away with a victory and a solid win on their resume. Here are my top five takeaways:

1. Dyson Plumley is a special scorer 

Plumley plays at one speed which is hard to stop. He has the green light so he always has his defenders nervous.

At 6’3, Plumley is the primary ball handler for El Reno and he gets everybody else foing. However, when he is at his best he is being ultra aggressive looking to score.

Piedmont had no answers for him as he scored 10 of El Reno’s first 17 points. He ended up with 30 points scoring in every way possible. 

Plumley is a great scorer who college coaches have their eye on. 

2. Dylan Hahn is one of the best slashers in 5A

Hahn is a good shooter from deep and that is where he gets a lot of his points but he is one of the tougher guys to stop off the dribble in 5A. 

He doesn’t have a big frame but he is stronger than he looks. Once he gets down hill it is basically over from there. He just keeps pushing towards the rim. Hahn is smart and he puts a lot of pressure on the refs to call a foul when he drives. 

His style will earn his many trips to the charity stripe. 

Hahn finished with 27 points due to his ability to absorb contact and his determination to score. He led a spirited comeback with his defensive pressure and how he attacked the basket after picking up a loose ball. 

Eli Hollis is a major weapon for El Reno

At 6’8, Hollis dominated the paint on both ends. On offense, he was patient and waited for his guards to feed him.

He also went and grabbed opportunities on the offensive glass. He had multiple tip-ins that extended the ER lead. 

On defense, he totally disrupted Piedmonts offense forcing them to take midrange jumpers.

He had numerous momentum changing blocks which deterred the offense from getting to the rim.

Not many teams in 5A have a skilled big who plays with a big motor.Hollis will take ER to another level this year. 

4. Derek Havern is a key Glue-Guy for El Reno

Havern is stepping into a bigger role this year as the secondary playmaker and the primary spot up shooter for El Reno. 

He is quick already but the threat of his range make him even harder to contain. Havern sees the floor well due to his high basketball IQ. 

He never once attacked the Piedmont defense without a plan. . The skilled 6′ guard constantly drove inside and dropped it off to Hollis for easy baskets. 

It is always fun to see a kid take on a bigger role with full confidence in their abilities. 

Havern is a big glue-gluy to look out for in 5A as El Reno’s season progresses. 

5. Piedmont will find their groove and they will bounce back

The Wildcats have a good amount of fire power on offense. Hahn leads the way but senior guard Ryan McDaniel also is tough to cut off.

They didn’t really get hot from three at any point in the game and they stayed competitive. They relayed a lot on isolation baskets which are tough to do consistently. 

They seem to have a good amount of players who have basketball awareness so im sure they will start to create easier opportunities for themselves and others. 

They made it a game when they used heavy defensive pressure which allowed talents like Dylan Hahn and Ryan McDaniel get out in the open floor.