Posted On: 11/21/18 8:52 PM


Beech High School and their beautiful gymnasium hosted Forrest, White House, Clarksville Northeast, Knoxville Bearden, and West Creek Saturday.  

Beech played what appeared to be an easier portion of the field.   Alas, Forrest provided more friction than expected. 

Below are five key concepts drawn from the game.


Beech has a small team on the wing and at a couple guard spots.   Height is a relevant factor in this lovely game and Beech lacks a lot of height and muscle 1-3.  The frontcourt size is ok, not great.

For Beech to be successful they need to invest on defense.  While many teams need to adhere to this obvious gameplan Beech doesn’t have the horses to win rebounding battles.


Ty Hengesbach (Forrest) is a gnat.   Standing about 5-foot-8 he skirted around defenders and frankly the entire defense with ease.  Beech only found their footing in the game when Hengesbach stopped swirling successfully.

Ty created so many problems in the opening half, scoring 10 points attacking from numerous points on the hardwood.  It took a reformed defense by Beech Head Coach Kip Brown to suppress Hengesbach in the second half. 

Ty scored nine points in the third quarter and did not score or even shoot in the fourth.


Forrest forward Martin Stewart is an interesting prospect.   Very bouncy forward.  Stewart is about 6-foot-5 with impressive lift. He wasn’t a scoring threat, but athletically he has D3 potential.   

It will be difficult to get on any college radar, but perhaps he can make a few college visits to kickstart it. 


Counterattack by Forrest made a difference in the opening half.  Forrest sent two flying wings to one side even after made baskets.  These two wings provided the ballhandler with a two stop train route to the opposing end.


Kaleb Powell (Beech) showed off instinctive crosscourt passes.  He understood Forrest trapped and heavily committed to the ball-side and Powell reacted brilliantly.  

When attacking the lane Powell could score a little in the mid-range or in the lane.  The sophomore Powell has a nice future in this game if he keeps working on his craft.

Kaleb is an accomplished baseball pitcher, as well. 

Below watch his postgame video interview.

Beech Bradley Wheeler plays with exceptional basketball I.Q.   He capably denied Hengesbach the ball after Ty got hot.  It took both effort and awareness. 

The best way to slow Hengesbach down was to deny him the ball in the halfcourt set.  

Wheeler didn’t play a lot or score much, but he did demonstrate understanding of the game.

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