Bishop Walsh

Posted On: 11/18/18 5:00 AM

Fairfax, VA — Bishop Walsh played their first competitive scrimmage against a very formidable opponent in Paul VI, and Prep Hoops was in the gym to watch some high level basketball. Here we recap this intriguing contest by answering five key questions.


The two teams played five quarters, with the starters playing a majority of the first four. Paul VI won each quarter, and the biggest takeaway was how sharp their defense continues to look. It starts up front with the guards, who do a great job pressuring the ball, but everyone knows where they are supposed to be and is reacting very quickly.


Considering it was their first time playing together as a unit, Bishop Walsh showed very good potential. They have a lot of size, athleticism, and versatility on the front line. VT commit Yavuz Gultekin is carving out a nice role as a point forward, and his efficiency will be important to their success. As they learn to play together, we expect this team to continue to improve. Unsigned senior guards Callum Baker and Anthony Torelli both had some nice moments, finding others but also getting good looks for themselves respectively.


Josiah Freeman and Trevor Keels played well in this one. Freeman, who is considered one of the best scorers in Virginia’s 2020 class, knocked down shots from the three and mid range and played solid defense. Keels, the state’s best sophomore who has grown to 6’5 now, rebounded and defended well while playing at pace, knocking down shots, and making plays for others. Dug McDaniel, PVI’s talented freshman point guard prospect, came in and showed incredible burst off the bounce. Xavier Joyner also played well in this one, especially with his activity on the defensive end. TJ Horton showed some good potential as a jumbo playmaker, and Tyler Coleman provided adequate toughness on defense and inside scoring.


Olivier Nkamhoua | 6’9 Forward | Bishop Walsh ’19

Nkamhoua has good length and athleticism for his size. What we didn’t really notice until today was how good of a shooter he could be. Nkamhoua demosntrates very good shot mechanics, which lead us to believe that he could potentially be a stretch big at the next level.

Bendji Pierre | 6’7 Forward | Bishop Walsh ’20

Pierre is an absolute tank, listed at 6’7, 235. While he is still learning how to use his size to his advantage, Pierre was comfortable handling the ball and demonstrated fluid movements. Defensively, he showed good versatility and range, blocking shots and rebounding from his position.

Jalen Miller | 6’1 Point Guard | Bishop Walsh ’21

Miller’s showed rare poise and leadership intangibles for a 15-year old, but he’s got more experience than most players this age. We love how he consistently communicates to his team, and isn’t afraid to hold others accountable. As he continues to mature and grow into his body, the sophomore has a chance to be a very good point guard. 


This is an early warmup test for both teams, who are finding their way heading into the season, but both can expect to be ranked in the initial top-30 power rankings which are dropping next week. It’s far off, but we could see these two teams match up at the end of the season during the Alhambra, which is hosted by Bishop Walsh. If they do match up, it will be interesting to see how far both teams have come since this preseason scrimmage.