Posted On: 11/28/18 9:42 PM

Late September PrepHoopsTN and AboveTheRimGym linked up for the first annual PrepHoopsTN/AboveTheRimGym Fall Combine.  


Fall Combine MVP:

Eric Rivers of McCallie High School edged out Stewarts Creek transfer J.J. Platt .  Both are supreme athletes.  Though Platt jumps out of the gym, Rivers is just behind as a hopper.  As a hooper Rivers possesses more refined skills as a sophomore than Platt does as a talented junior. 

Rivers’ passing, slashing, defending are all better than average for a high school varsity player.  He will wind up at a high major school.  Platt has a chance too, but unlike Rivers Platt is not unavoidably HM. 

Rivers’ floats around the court so smoothly while making unselfish decisions in real-time.  Platt is more of a score-first point guard.  Both are great prospects. 

Frontcourt MVP:

Brennon Marsh (Murfreesboro Siegel) showed off really improved technique at the combine. Marsh was sharing big man honors with Dalton Marsh most of the day, but Big Man Coach Jaime Burkhardt elected Brennon after seeing his dramatic improvement in the past year.

Guard MVP:

Eric Rivers (McCallie) exploded from McCallie junior varsity to McCallie varsity in the last year.  He is now the leading scorer for the proud program.  

Most Coachable:

Grant Slatten (Whites Creek)

All High-Character Team

PG Colin Gore (Upperman)

G Torian Daly (Stewarts Creek)

WG Matthew Schneider (Murfreesboro Siegel)

F Kam Collier (Tipton-Rosemark)

F LaDarrius Chigano (Calvary Christian)


Colin Gore is a natural leader.  With Upperman he is going to be a great sophomore guard.  Gore’s steady mind and body stabilize ordinarily frantic teammates. 

Torian grinds and runs.  He is always working for the cause.

Matthew Schneider brings so many different elements to his team.  His willingness to do the dirty work makes him an ideal teammate. 

Kam Collier is a tough player to mark.  He has good strength on the low blocks.  Unlike Chigano, Kam Collier is not long and stringy.  He is built more like a football player and rebounds that way. 

Chigano is still very raw, but devotes himself to the game at an impressive rate.