Posted On: 11/26/18 2:39 PM

December is arriving. 

It is a perfect time to revisit the Class of 2019 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth and stagnation.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

Climbers are either players previously undervalued or possibly players that developed their game in the last few months.

These players represent the next four highest landing climbers (upward movement listed next to arrow on right of name).

Gioppino Basketball clip art#42 Simmie Jones III  ⇑7

Elite defender.  Previously a Mississippi-side guard, Simmie Jones III transferred to Whitehaven High last year.  He helped propel the Tigers to the Class AAA State Championship Game.  They did not win.  Jones III is back and so is the best backcourt in Shelby County.  Simmie’s recruitment lags behind his peers because he played with an AAU program that didn’t publicize themselves well online and he plays a complimentary role on Whitehaven.  Matthew Murrell is the star and Jones III tends to defend and score in spurts.  Believe that he is a LM prospect still in search of LM offers.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#48 Andrew Anderson  ⇑6

Originally scheduled to graduate and sign in 2018-2019, Andrew Anderson will now take a prep year first.  South Alabama offered the Tipton-Rosemark Academy point guard, hosted him, and now “encourage” him to prep a year after high school.  The skills Andrew brings are mental toughness, leadership, handle, and shooting.  Andrew’s younger brother is also a college prospect.  Look for the top 10 sophomore Alex Anderson to land at the D1 level too.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#50 Sylvester Thompson  ⇑39

Sylvester is a bench dynamo for the exceptional Bartlett High School basketball program.  Thompson is kind of a 21 player in that his offensive repertoire includes so many unique ways to score.

Thompson can get around most defenders with or without the basketball.  He leaps bizarrely high like a Nate Robinson type.  Unlike Nate The Great, Thompson isn’t a cut-up football player.  Sylvester is a little thin and while he can get up into the chest of big defenders he doesn’t have the frame to absorb constant contact.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#55 Nate Bloedorn ⇑13

Unsigned high-academic forward Nate Bloedorn provided a strong spring and summer alongside Keon Johnson and K.J. Johnson on EAB 17u. The team and the program overall successfully maneuvered through the trepidatious AAU season thanks to attention to detail and efficient offensive possessions.  Bloedorn did not sign early and will ultimately select a college that enables him to excel both academically and athletically.  He is a very bright young man with exceptional discipline. 

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