Posted On: 11/26/18 3:33 PM

With the new format to the season, we are looking to do more full on player breakdowns. Those will come on Fridays and Sundays. This version, is our weekend breakdown with games from Monday to Thursday. This week we watched Greenwood vs. New Castle, Fishers vs. Ben Davis, Floyd Central vs. Lawrence North, and Kokomo vs. Westfield.

#3 Luke Bumbalough – 6’0 PG 2019 – New Castle (IN) [Committed to Ball State]
**30 points against Greenwood (IN)**
Bumbalough was a little off to start the game, pushing his shot too much. But, he came back around and was hitting some down the stretch.  For him, the most impressive thing was his rebounding. With Gillis out for a long time, New Castle needs boards one way or another and Luke’s athleticism seems to shine through in the lane, competing for rebounds.  He should be able to translate that to the college game pretty easily.

#10 Mason Hardwick – 5’11 PG 2019 – New Castle (IN)
**17 points against Greenwood (IN)**
Mason is a solid off-guard who shot the best of the night. Great off the catch and showed the ability to fake and put it on the floor to get to the rim. Challenged defenders a little bit at the rim.  Could be able to play on the ball at the right level in college as he showed confidence and control but offensively, looks like he’s best coming off screens and slashes to make plays.

#24 Nick Grieser – 6’2 SG 2019 – New Castle (IN)
**5 points against Greenwood (IN)**
Nick is a tall guard who did more off the ball than others in this game. Thought he was solid defensively, adding some size and length to defenders when New Castle doesn’t have many.  Didn’t impact a ton offensively but had a big key block from behind on Drew to save some easy points.  Enough size to play more of a 2/3 at the next level but want to see some shooting ability with him.

#5 Blake Burris – 5’10 PG 2019 – New Castle (IN)
**15 points against Greenwood (IN)**
Blake is a small guard who probably could play on or off the ball. Shot the ball well off the catch but tended to rush his shot a little more often than he wanted. Can handle the ball and drive a bit but shooting the ball he aways looked to do it straight off the catch.  Needs a little bit of initial space to drive but if he does he can be pretty effective.

#10 Isaiah Drew – 5’10 PG 2019 – Greenwood (IN)
**20 points against New Castle (IN)**
Drew is a tough lead guard. Not the biggest guy in height but has the build and strength you want. He was aggressive during stretches of the game, attacking the rim off the bounce and creating a ton of contact. Jumper looks solid and even showed a solid mid-range pull-up. If he shoots it like he did, at that level all season, he could be a sneaky take for a college program. Needs to play on the ball but also needs to take a hefty amount of shots.

#42 Gavin Dowling – 6’4 C 2020 – Greenwood (IN)
**12 points against New Castle (IN)**
Dowling is a big post who will need to work on the body but even still, he shows the footwork and agility we always liked from him as a younger player. Can get into position really well and finishes some shots you wouldn’t think he could get to. Has the potential to be a college player, just need to see strides in the next calendar year.

#12 Brock Kincaid – 6’1 SG 2022 – Greenwood (IN)
** 3 points against New Castle (IN)**
Brock is a thin guard who showed better handles than in our Freshman Showcase. Played on the ball a ton and was really their defect point guard.  Has some length and seemed to use it well on defense.  Offensively, more of drive to slash guy rather than shooter at this point but didn’t look too overwhelmed in his first career game starting.  

#24 Jalen Windham – 6’5 SF 2019 – Ben Davis (IN) [Committed to Georgia State]
**28 points against Fishers (IN)**
Windham had the best game we have seen from him to date. So aggressive with the jumper really working. Good rebounding effort as well, getting into the defenders down low and mixing it up. The pull-up in the mid-range looks like a very, very capable tool for him and gives him another avenue with the ball in his hand.Dominated parts of this game and took it completely over.

#34 Jamari London – 6’2 SF 2020 – Ben Davis (IN)
**6 points against Fishers (IN)**
Jamari is a long, lean guard with solid handles and a frame that should still grow a bit. Jumper is not great right now and will need to be cleaned up but he’s really good slashing to the rim with or without the ball where he finishes with some athleticism and length.  Moves really well off the ball and can get into space well.  Will need to round out that offense but he’s impacting games now and trending in the right direction.

#32 Jaylen Jennings – 6’7 PF 2019 – Ben Davis (IN)
**2 points against Fishers (IN)**
For Jennings, he’s at a point where he is going to need to have those breakout games. He’s still pretty raw offensively but growing and in this game, he impacted more defensively, especially around the rim. He had a block or two that were really impressive utilizing his length and agility. He moves so well for his size and if he can find his offensive game in this crowded front court for Ben Davis then he should be fine.

#50 Jeff Clayton – 6’7 PF 2019 – Ben Davis (IN)
**8 points against Fishers (IN)**
One of the better games we have seen for Clayton, he showed his ability to really play in transition. Wasn’t a big time post option with Dawand taking up so much space but BD used him away from the ball, slashing and trying to get moving towards the rim for quick hitters in the lane or for rebounding help. It’s a role that he does pretty well and found production.  But, that agility and quickness getting up the court got him the most offensive chances.

#54 Dawand Jones – 6’9 C 2019 – Ben Davis (IN)
**26 points, 11 rebounds against Fishers (IN)**
Dawand Jones is likely going to play football not only in college but beyond and that might make me more sad than anything in a long time. Because, when he plays as strong and aggressive as he did on Saturday, he could be among the more fun players to watch at the college level not only locally but nationally. So big and asserting himself every time down the floor. He’s getting more consistent posting up and getting deep enough that he’s going to score every time. Basically a cheat code.  His motor seems to be up a tick as well.

#5 Willie Jackson – 5’11 PG 2019 – Fishers (IN)
**25 points against Ben Davis (IN)**
Hands down, the best game we have seen from Willie. He was exactly what you were hoping to see if that switch has flipped, watch out because this could really bolt his stock forward.  He’s always had the shooting ability combined with the dribble-drive game but never really did enough of anything. Saturday, was everything for the entire game and was impressive. Should play on the ball and could, could be a high-end scoring option.

#2 Josiah Matthews – 6’0 PG 2019 – Fishers (IN)
**11 points against Ben Davis (IN)**
Josiah is one of the better lead guard options still left in the state. He’s got the frame and strength you want and when his jumper is on, he’s good enough offensively to complement a high-powered team. He, himself, isn’t a huge offensive weapon, but that also plays into his game which is more about leading the team and giving you more ability off the ball.  If he can show just a tick more offense and consistently, that could quell some questions.

#12 Alex Szilagyi – 6’0 PG 2020 – Fishers (IN)
**12 points against Ben Davis (IN)**
On Saturday, Alex shot the ball pretty well, a little off at times but overall provided the offense he always does.  To this point, Szilagyi has pretty much been consistent. Shoots the ball really well, can handle ball pressure and does well passing the ball. Not a lot to knock on him. There will be chances for him to take another step forward, adding to his offensive output. Those are kind of what we will be looking for. He’s done everything else and is about as solid a lead guard as you will find in the 2020 class.

#33 Jeffery Simmons – 6’5 PF 2022 – Fishers (IN)
**4 points against Ben Davis (IN)**
Simmons is obviously really young but he’s got a lot of stuff to him and will be able to have more impactful games when he doesn’t have to worry about defending Dawand Jones and his 6’9, 300+ pound frame.  Has a handful of moves in the post already, uses his left and right hand decently well.  Rebounds the ball tough and wants to make plays rather than just wait for them to come to him. Good energy level for a freshman.

#35 Terry Hicks – 6’5 PF 2019 – Fishers (IN)
**5 points against Ben Davis (IN)**
Hicks had a tough assignment usually drawing Jones who will cause issues for anyone. However, he was able to pick a couple spots on offense and make some shots. Had a solid release on his three and hit a mid-range pull up from 10’. In any other game, the expectations would be higher but there isn’t a player in the country that could match up with Dawand Jones physically.

#5 Jared Hankins – 6’4 SF 2019 – Lawrence North (IN) [Committed to Indiana State]
**13 points against Floyd Central (IN)**
Hankins will need to find some more balance to his game as things go along, He’s obviously very talented and can be the best shooter in the state when he is on but that is where we are at right now. Tends to be a little on or off and while he did mix in some solid strong side drives to the rim, still want to see the jumper consistent because that is what can make him special. Overall, solid game but there is more to see this season.

#2 Vincent Brady – 6’3 SG 2021 – Lawrence North (IN)
**5 points against Floyd Central (IN)**
Brady is a solid guard prospect with a chance to be very good. Right now, he’s a little buried on the varsity roster for Lawrence North but still found his way at times. His ball handling is solid and there is the possibility he stays on the ball long term. Better as a shooter right now and does well either off the catch or the bounce.  Has the frame and length to really grow into a physical and long guard that could be a solid two-way player.

#10 Shamar Avance – 6’1 PG 2021 – Lawrence North (IN)
**4 points against Floyd Central (IN)**
Shamar is a light, thin guard who has some length and handles to play with. Thought he was pretty good defensively, giving some problems to Floyd’s guard.  Showed a solid pull-up jumper with a good stroke.  Needs that strength to really take his game up a tick as he’s just a little too thin to attack and defend the way he plays.  For a young prospect, could be one to watch moving forward.

#12 Tony Perkins – 6’4 SF 2020 – Lawrence North (IN)
**21 points against Floyd Central (IN)**
Perkins had a really great game, dominating it at times. He’s a good offensive player that has so many different ways to score. He made three triples in the loss but seemingly did it within the rhythm of the game which might be one of his best tools, that feel for the game. While he scores the ball at a very high level, he never does it in a way that takes away from the flow and lets his teammates still play with him rather than it just be him on his own.

#32 D.J. Hughes Jr. – 6’7 PF 2021 – Lawrence North (IN)
**6 points against Lawrence North (IN)**
Not the best game we have seen from Hughes but still pretty solid. He’s been about the most consistent performer in his age group and does it at a pretty high level. He had some trouble getting touches early, Floyd Central pushed LN’s offense more towards the wing than the interior.  But, he did find some clutch rebounds late and got some tough buckets around the rim on a couple of them.

#4 Jake Heidbreder – 6’3 SG 2021 – Floyd Central (IN)
**21 points against Lawrence North (IN)**
Jake is a tall guard who is quite a bit more athletic than he looks. Very active and agile and enough ball handling ability to make plays and did so consistently against Lawrence North.  Shot the ball at a high level showing off a good, high release.  Has a frame that is going to continue to grow and could fill out some here by his senior year.  

#20 Cobie Barnes – 6’7 PF 2019 – Floyd Central (IN) [Committed to Indiana State]
**21 points against Lawrence North (IN)**
Among the best games we have seen from Cobie. He’s a guy that always plays well but if you can get him locked in, he’s a whole new level better. This game was the embodiment of that. So aggressive and attack-oriented from the wing, giving way to his size and strength against LN’s athletic defenders. Played like the biggest guy there but did it with his skill and even though he didn’t quite have the touch on his jumper. Rebounded outstanding in and out of the paint, doing it with toughness and agility.  

#13 Bobby Wonnell Jr. – 6’2 SG 2022 – Kokomo (IN)
**11 points, 3 rebounds against Westfield (IN)**
Wonnell looks like he could end up with a pretty solid career for Kokomo. The lone bright spot in a drubbing against Westfield, Bobby showed good range and release on his jumper. It is a bit long but pretty nitpicky for his first high school game. Moves pretty well and could grow more. Probably going to rely early on that perimeter jumper but has the skill to drive and finish.

#10 Zach Banks – 5’11 PG 2019 – Westfield (IN)
**16 points, 2 assists against Kokomo (IN)**
Banks has been pretty solid over the last year. He’s not a big guard and doesn’t have the strength on his frame yet but he’s aggressive and a shot maker that showed in this game that he will really get after it on defense. For teams looking for a scoring lead guard, he’s one of the better options. Once he adds that weight and strength, things should take off.

#12 Chris Chin – 5’11 PG 2020 – Westfield (IN)
**10 points against Kokomo (IN)**
Chin is a solid lead guard that has some scoring ability to him. Didn’t really shoot the ball well but the form looks okay, just needs to hit. Turnovers hurt him but it was a bit more about playing in a very, very up-and-down game and things got wild at times. I think in a half court set, he provides a little more dribble-drive option than in a wide open game.  Tough and physical guard that could be a guy to put on the list.

#15 Braden Smith – 5’10 PG 2022 – Westfield (IN)
**6 points, 7 rebounds against Kokomo (IN)**
In his first high school game, you could tell that Westfield’s freshman is going to be a good one. He was full of energy and tougher than he looks. Took some knocks in the game but was still impactful even in a blowout.  The jumper looks okay but he has to have a few more games to see how it will go but was pretty good in transition, picking up some easy points.  Even more impressive was his rebounding ability. He just gets in there and goes after the ball which is something that is tougher for players than you would think.

#24 Caleb Welch – 6’1 SG 2019 – Westfield (IN)
**16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists against Kokomo (IN)**
Welch is a big guard but has the shooting ability to find a role in college. He’s really good off the catch and doesn’t need a ton of space to get it off. One of the more sound off-guards we watched last week, with the ability to pass and see the floor. Really solid moving off the ball and getting himself into position to make a play.