Posted On: 11/30/18 12:33 PM

With the new format to the season, we are looking to do more full on player breakdowns. Those will come on Fridays and Sundays. This version, is our weekend breakdown with games from Monday to Thursday. This week we watched Benton Central vs. Twin Lakes and Lafayette Jeff vs. McCutcheon.

#15 Drew Brock – 5’11 SG 2020 – Benton Central (IN)
**17 points against Twin Lakes (IN)**
Brock isn’t the biggest guard but has a really comfortable release on his jumper and he’s quick enough with it to get it off against defenders with length. He’s going to have to find a way to play more on the ball and the handles are good enough to do it, just will take more repetition.  Was great off the catch and has enough handle to shift to still create.  

#12 Payton Hall – 6’2 SG 2019 – Benton Central (IN)
**25 points against Twin Lakes (IN)**
Hall is a big guard who was really impactful inside and out. Really more of a wing  where he can slash to create or pull-up and shoot but when he was asked to play inside and do some of the work on the boards for him, he’s pretty solid.  Has the strength on the frame now to play and while the jumper needs to be cleaned up a little, he’s still pretty solid with it and hit enough tonight to give them leads down the stretch.

#20 Clayton Bridwell – 5’9 PG 2022 – Twin Lakes (IN)
**7 points against Benton Central (IN)**
Clayton is a small lead guard but played really well coming off the bench. Was pretty aggressive with his play and was best when he had the ball on the wing and could drive to create. Not necessarily a guy that has to score, though he can pretty well with a floater or jumper from deep, but he’s better when he sees the floor to setup slashers at the rim.  Good first major game.

#41 Jace Stoops – 6’3 PF 2020 – Twin Lakes (IN)
**12 points against Benton Central (IN)**
Stoops is a big-bodied post player who has solid footwork but will need some height to kind of even his body out and he could still do that. If he does, he’s really solid around the rim and can finish well with his right hand.  Does well carving out space and if you get him in a spot where he has position, he’s going to figure it out.

#1 Avery Beaver – 6’2 SG 2020 – Lafayette Jeff (IN)
**15 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists against McCutcheon (IN)**
Avery is a growing guard with good size and shooting ability. Was 4/8 from behind the arc and did really well coming off screens and shooting off the catch. Was really interested to see the ball handling improve and could and probably should play on the ball more. Likely still an off-guard long term but is really growing his game away from being just a shooter.

#13 Brooks Barnhizer – 6’6 SG 2021 – Lafayette Jeff (IN)
**9 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists against McCutcheon (IN)**
Brooks is a tall wing that handles the ball pretty well and gives you skill all over the floor. Good shooter that will play the 2/3 in college, seems to always find ways to contribute.  Touch on his shot looked good and was passing the ball well as Jeff tried to play super uptempo. Will need to come under control a little bit as there were some turnovers but they did have him playing on the ball a ton. Best if you can play him off the ball and get him to create along the wing.

#33 Ashton Beaver – 6’1 SG 2021 – Lafayette Jeff (IN)
**11 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists against McCutcheon (IN)**
Ashton is a solid guard who looks to have a more broad role this season. Was more of a just a shooter last year but now looking to play more into the lane and in transition to score. Was solid around the rim and finished well with some toughness. Decent on-ball guard but made some errant passes and will need to clean them up. More of a driver right now, more so than his older brother.

#44 Braxton Barnhizer – 6’2 SG 2020 – Lafayette Jeff (IN)
**19 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists against McCutcheon (IN)**
Braxton is a solid off-guard who can shoot from pretty much anywhere. Isn’t the most athletic guy but did some things that really showed he can max out his body. Similar to IWU’s Kyle Mangas in that regard. High intensity player but can make some mistakes right now. Was really good off the catch but just needs to find his spots a little more effectively and he could take a step forward. Plays like a guy that will get the most out of himself.

#14 Rowen Farrell – 6’4 SG 2020 – McCutcheon (IN)
**20 points, 7 rebounds against Lafayette Jeff (IN)**
Not one of the most effective games of his career but definitely one of the games we have seen where he balances everything and shows off lots of his game. Had to force things a ton mainly because they don’t have many weapons but even still, he was good when he was able to play under control and looks better as a creator with the ball in his hands. So good now with that dribble-drive game and has expanded it quite a bit. Much more of an all around scorer that shoots at a high percentage.