Posted On: 11/23/18 3:24 PM

With the new format to the season, we are looking to do more full on player breakdowns. Those will come on Fridays and Sundays. This version, is our mid-week breakdown with games from Monday to Thursday. This week we watched Indianapolis Howe vs. Irvington Prep, Carmel vs. Zionsville, and Brownsburg vs. North Central.

#4 – Tony Truth – 5’11 PG 2019 – Indianapolis Howe (IN) [Committed to Mount St. Joseph]
**17 points, 4 rebounds against Irvington Prep (IN)**
Tony did really well attacking in this game. Wasn’t to the point where he was overplaying his hand, which was good coming off some very impressive camps this Fall.  Loves to attack to his left hand and will need to find a way to balance it out with his right hand.  He’s a little one-dimensional right now with his driving ability but it is sure impressive and difficult to stop.  Want to see what he looks like over the course of a season with some development.

#2 – Kycia Washington Jr. – 6’0 PG 2019 – Indianapolis Howe (IN)
**14 points, 5 assists against Irvington Prep (IN)**
This was a solid game for Kycia who did a lot better playing under control. Foul trouble was an issue as it was for everyone on Howe but Washington’s biggest issue was not being so wild at times. When under control like he was on Monday, he’s so difficult to defend because his range on the jumper and speed in the lane are tough to stop. More often than not, it is overplaying his hand that hurts more than the defender. If he can show that control this season, he’s going to be much improved.

#10 – Creshaun Brown – 6’2 SG 2019 – Indianapolis Howe (IN)
**8 points, 6 rebounds against Irvington Prep (IN)**
Brown is a big guard who can really shoot the ball. Love the frame and toughness he showed. Mixed it up a bit inside and has the college-ready body to impact things down low when he needs to. Thought he moved really well on the perimeter and while most of his shots from three came off the catch, he’s got the handles to expand the game. Just with Howe, they move the ball pretty well to open up those shots for him. 

#3 – Jalen Stamps – 5’11 PG 2019 – Indianapolis Howe (IN)
**23 points, 3 assists against Irvington Prep (IN)**
Stamps is a tough-nosed guard who could play on the ball if needed. He’s got the physical ability to dominate as an on-ball defender.  Stamps shot the ball really well from distance, showing great range and pull-up game. Was best in transition where he could just rip one off really quick.  Could potentially play off the ball because he is tough enough to defend bigger guards but that upside is as a point guard who will provide shooting. Think along the lines of a taller Dean Tate (Warren Central, 2018).

#2 – Tewon Kelly – 6’4 SF 2019 – Irvington Prep (IN)
**25 points, 7 rebounds against Indianapolis Howe (IN)**
Kelly is a long, rangy wing with the mobility and handles to be a scoring threat. Handles the ball well in traffic and can easily get to the rim but his frame is wire thin right now and at the next level he’ll have some difficulty. However, at the high school level, he was dominant.  Slashes really well and long and athletic enough to make plays at the rim with tip-ins and rebounds.  Really developed scoring threat that could be a nice steal late for a college program.

#11 Isaiah Thompson – 6’0 PG 2019 – Zionsville (IN) [Committed to Purdue]
**16 points, 5 assists against Carmel (IN)**
This was probably one of his worst performances but nothing overly concerning from a personal standpoint. He’s really Zionsville’s only guard and Carmel gameplanned to take him out of it early and executed. Zionsville as a whole will need to find different ways to get him clean because he’s got to find more ways into the lane. If, like this game, he’s left to just shoot a foot or two behind the line, that isn’t going to go well.  

#21 Brandon Vernon – 6’6 PF 2019 – Zionsville (IN)
**8 points against Carmel (IN)**
Vernon is one of the better shooters in the class but he’s gotten bigger and needs to clean up the frame. In this game, when he was set on the perimeter, he shot the ball well. Has to come set and not fading like he did a couple times.  Could be an interesting fit as a small ball four that can defend the post but stretch on offense.  Shoots it well enough to find a path for him for playing time.

#22 Anthony Scales – 6’4 SF 2020 – Zionsville (IN)
**8 points, 7 rebounds against Carmel (IN)**
Scales looked about as good as he has in a while. Really mobile and was great in the mid-range.  He looks better with his agility and on-ball skills to the point where he can create much more now. He’s going to have to continue to find perimeter opportunities so he can really take that offense to another level.  Proved he is a 2/3 option, just needs to begin that breakout on offense.

#24 Nathan Childress – 6’7 PF 2019 – Zionsville (IN) [Committed to Bethel College]
**23 points against Carmel (IN)**
Childress was stellar in this game, mixing in pretty much everything except for rebounding. Zionsville used him out of position pretty much all game because of their lack of guards, essentially putting him as a 2/3 wing and never really getting him down low on offense.  Jumper looked good but a few too many were forced down the stretch when they were trying to catch up.  Will be interesting to see how he does playing more of a true wing role this year.

#32 Hogan Orbaugh – 6’8 C 2019 – Zionsville (IN) [Committed to DePauw]
**4 points against Carmel (IN)**
Early on, Hogan had a couple plays in the low post where they were looking to get him touches down low. When he did, he was productive and was quick to the rim, didn’t play around much. Went away from low post stuff once they got down and hurt but those two early buckets were solid.  As he continues to change weight to muscle, he’s only going to get more effective and Zionsville should find him more often.

#3 Karsten Windlan – 5’11 PG 2019 – Carmel (IN)
**12 points against Zionsville (IN)**
This was probably the most under control I had seen Windlan. He’s not usually calmed down but was on this day. Jumper was working for him.  Even when he looked to attack the rim in the second half, he was still doing it pretty effectively.  Part of his issue last year was he was just too wild at times. Now, though, if he plays like he did on Tuesday, college teams will be a ton more interested because his scoring ability from the point could be huge.

#10 Peter Suder – 6’2 SG 2022 – Carmel (IN)
**14 points against Zionsville (IN)**
For a freshman to play like Suder did, that will stick with you for a long time. He looks nothing like a freshman other than in the face. So under control and effective. Nothing flashy but filled with substance on both ends of the floor. Defensively, could be Carmel’s best by the end of the year. Shoots the ball really well and has the handles to create when he needs to. Has the makings of one of the best freshman in the state. Definitely going to be one of the more productive.

#11 Luke Heady – 5’11 PG 2019 – Carmel (IN)
**13 points against Zionsville (IN)**
While Heady ran into foul trouble, when on the floor he was really solid. His usual self, controlling the tempo and getting the offense where it needed to be.  Was best at the end of the game as he was able to keep the ball out of Zionsville’s hand and ended up scoring a bunch at the free throw line and getting a big and-one.  He’s the appitomy of a coaches kid and should be the undeniable leader at the next level.

#20 Andrew Owens – 6’6 SF 2019 – Carmel (IN) [Committed to Findlay]
**4 points against Zionsville (IN)**
Not the best game for Owens but he’s been dealing with an injury and you could tell he was still getting back from it. However, without a quick first step to get to the ball, he seemed to do really reeling in the rebound and competing. Health will go a long way but he should be able to play more on the perimeter this season with Suder and JMM being more interior guys.  Will look at him again when he’s healthy.

#33 John-Michael Mulloy – 6’10 C 2019 – Carmel (IN) [Committed to Butler]
**15 points, 10 rebounds against Zionsville (IN)**
This is probably the best game we have seen from Mulloy. If you wanted to knock JMM for being a bit soft last year, you were probably in the right. But on Tuesday, he was as tough and aggressive as we had seen him.  So physical on the boards, not only getting into better position but showing that toughness from start to finish.  Also finished really well in the low post.  Want to see this again to make sure this is the new version and if so, there is a lot to love about it.

#22 Robert Fry – 6’0 PG 2020 – Carmel (IN)
**6 points against Zionsville (IN)**
Fry is a growing guard who is a little more of a combo right now than a true lead guard but has enough offense to him that you can find a fit. Shoots the ball well at times but was better in this game showing his ability to get into the lane. Good frame that is going to stay strong and give him that dribble-drive game. Will need to clean up the free throws, going 3/4 late in the game when it got close again. 

#2 Leland Walker – 5’10 PG 2022 – North Central (IN)
**10 points against Brownsburg (IN)**
Walker is one of the more impressive freshman we have seen in the last couple years. He’s small and thin but has some strength and plays with more IQ than many we have seen. So smart and picks his spots with the best of them.  Shoots the ball at a high level and made a three from the volleyball line to show the range.  Slashes into the lane and was decisive and quick with his passes out to shooters. Mentally well put together.

#14 Charlie Peterson – 6’7 PF 2020 – North Central (IN)
**8 points against Brownsburg (IN)**
Charlie is a tall, well built post player that showed just a fraction of what he can be. Was good as a stretch forward getting some looks from 15’ and out. Tough enough to where he can defend in the post pretty well. But, lacks a true low post game and looks more uncomfortable at times. Needs more reps in the post so he can find offense. Had some looks but just wouldn’t fall. His upside is really high but has to find that balance between inside and out. Much more comfortable on the wing right now.

#3 Cameron Alford – 6’0 PG 2019 – Brownsburg (IN)
**16 points, 4 rebounds against North Central (IN)**
Alford looked solid in this one but not one of his best. He’s a little too one-dimensional at times. But, when he wants to drive, he’s one of the more physical guards in the state and gets to the rim with toughness and agility rather than speed. Needs that perimeter production to help defenders to stay closer where he can get them on his hip and own the lane.  Even on a “average” night, Cam still had 16 and 4.

#4 Pierce Thomas – 6’5 SF 2021 – Brownsburg (IN)
**15 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists against North Central (IN)**
The biggest question coming into the season for Pierce was what would his jumper look like. Was wildly inconsistent last year and the form was all out of whack. At least in this game, he’s shown himself to make some strides. It’s much more repeatable and while still a little long, was effective from the mid-range to three.  When he has that production from his jumper, he’s a completely different player. Was probably the best all-around game we have seen from him.

#14 Luke Lacey – 6’0 PG 2021 – Brownsburg (IN)
**2 points against North Central (IN)**
While he only had two points in the win, I though Lacey proved he should be getting solid minutes for Varsity. He’s a guy that seems to handle the ball really well and can provide Brownsburg with a guard to spell Alford. He’s going to find some more offense the more he plays but the mental makeup for lead guard role is really good.

#32 Malek Edmonds – 6’5 PF 2020 – Brownsburg (IN)
**15 points against North Central (IN)**
Edmonds continues to produce. More so than anything else, Malek is consistent. He’s so good around the rim. Doesn’t have a ton of athleticism but he’s pretty agile and strong so rebounding and clearing out space is high level. Showed he can step away from the rim and shoot a bit. If that jumper really becomes a weapon for him, that will go a long, long way with college programs. 

#42 Ryan Wiggins – 6’6 PF 2019 – Brownsburg (IN)
**15 points against North Central (IN)**
Wiggins might be one of the more sought after post players in this class this high school season. Ryan was shooting the ball at a high level again, just like he did when we watched this summer. He’s moving really well and about as tough and physical as he could possibly be. The energy level was up and he’s got the range to play a small school four which should speak to a lot of schools. Probably needs some longer looks from colleges.