Posted On: 11/15/18 12:48 AM

Crowley vs. North Crowley Game Recap

Crowley’s gym was packed with fans from both Fort Worth native teams. This rivalry game was very intense and had bragging rights on the line. The game started off fast and physical, the two teams got out well and transition early on. North Crowley eventually started to flex its muscle in the 2nd quarter due largely to their three talented seniors Isaiah Crawford, Jay Gates and Isaiah Wyatt. The North Crowley Panthers played tough defense and knocked down jumpers. When shots weren’t falling they attacked the rim hard for tough baskets or got fouled as a result and shot free throws. Crowley ended up losing the game 80-46 but Hayden Brittingham showed why he is a top 75 prospect in the state for 2020. 

Top Players:


Hayden Brittingham / 6’5” / SF / Crowley / 2020

Hayden struggled early on against the length of North Crowley and tried to use his strong body to get to the basket but shots weren’t going in for the 2020 prospect. The second half Hayden was able to settle down and showed his ability to score over and through smaller defenders. Hayden had one play where he turned and faced up the defender and blew by him for a dunk in traffic. He is one of the most explosive players in the state and if he can make shots from outside expect his recruitment to pick up tremendously.


Isaiah Crawford / 6’5” / SF / North Crowley/ 2019

Crawford has a good body to go along with his versatility. He is a two way player that can get buckets on offense and lock up the teams best player on the other end. Isaiah made it hard for Hayden to score and used his athleticism to stay in front of the talented 2020 prospect. Crawford is an unsigned senior that coaches might want to come watch soon. One of the best available wings left in the state.


Isaiah Wyatt / PG / 6’3” / North Crowley / 2019

Wyatt is a big guard that is a capable ball handler that has good shooting ability. He is better playing off the ball but has to play the point for North Crowley due to a lack of point guard. Isaiah is an unsigned senior guard that could help a 4 year college program.