Posted On: 11/3/18 5:33 PM

We are now in the month of November and that means the season is almost here!  With that being said we are looking across the state at various conferences and previewing the teams and players to watch!  Today we dive into the Central Suburban League!

Pre-Season Player of the Year

Lance Jones (Evanston)

Jones had an outstanding junior season and is back to make more noise as a senior.  Scoring shooting guard that can get buckets from all three levels.  Plays with a high-motor and a lot of passion for the game.  The heart and soul of Evanston’s squad.


Team to Beat

Evanston gets the slight nod here over New Trier.  With Evanston’s senior backcourt of Jones and point guard Jaheim Holden they are going to be a problem for opposing teams with their speed and playmaking.  Combine those vets with the youth of a stacked 2020 class led by Jaylin Gibson and Blake Peters this team will put up huge scoring numbers.


Biggest Threat

New Trier is definitely the biggest threat to Evanston in the conference.  There isn’t a lot of size across the state and New Trier is huge with perhaps the best front court duo in the state in Ciaran Brayboy and Spencer Boehm.  Both have legit size and teams will have problems defending them in the paint and rebounding against this squad.  Sam Silverstein and John Carragher bring toughness and versatility.


Top Prospects to Watch

Brandon Lieb (Deerfield)
Jackson Kenyon (Deerfield)
Lance Jones (Evanston)
Jahiem Holden (Evanston)
Jalen Christian (Evanston)
Jaylin Gibson (Evanston)
Blake Peters (Evanston)
Elijah Bull (Evanston)
Will King (Glenbrook South)
Brian Johnson (Glenbrook North)
Frank Siegien (Glenbrook North)
Fillip Bulatovic (Maine South)
Essam Hamwi (Maine South)
Aquan Smart (Niles North)
Jalen Butler (Niles North)
Ciaran Brayboy (New Trier)
Spencer Boehm (New Trier)
Sam Silverstein (New Trier)
Chuck Sweat (New Trier)
John Carragher (New Trier)


Top Contenders

  1. Evanston
  2. New Trier
  3. Niles North
  4. Maine South
  5. Deerfield
  6. Glenbrook South
  7. Glenbrook North