Posted On: 11/12/18 5:07 PM

Who are the five players that we think will be the toughest to game plan for this winter in South Dakota at the Class AA level?  PHD breaks it down now. 

Matthew Mors of Yankton (10). The ultimate no-brainer.  If teams around the Midwest couldn’t slow him with size and athletes this 16u season, what is a smaller high school team going to do?  Well obviously they will have gameplans ready in familiar systems.  Coaches will have plans of various kinds (multiple defenders with a shape zone around it, constant denial with over help, maybe even the super bun which is a guy standing in front and a guy in the back) but it won’t matter.  The thing that makes Mors different is his face-up skill, agility, and effort.  Mors knows how to make others around him better. 

Jared Jaros of SF Lincoln (12).  Teams better locate Jared right away or that dozen he has a game last year is going to quickly turn into 20 something each game.  Lincoln knows how to maximize talent around a guy so Jared isn’t going to force much, and the way he works his way up the floor with or without the ball things don’t need to be forced as usually the opportunity is high percentage.  

Kobe Busch of Huron (11). As a sophomore Kobe averaged 19.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 3.5 a game.  People can gameplan for scorers but gameplanning for a guy that can play a huge role in the game while only taking seven shots is much, much tougher.  Deny him the ball wherever, Kobe’s agility and size is going to eventually be position to help his team make plays.  We’ve seen him play some lead guard, play in the paint, be a combo on the wing, and everything else.  This is a player that simply does a lot which is very tough to try and limit. 

Andrew Bergan of Aberdeen Central (11). Andrew Bergan is now clear to step into the potential that many feel will blossom in a big way this winter.  At his size and skill level, there are certain things that are tough to gameplan for, especially at his size of 6-foot-7/6-foot-8.  The touch can be completed with some range so fight him out of the paint all you want, Bergan can shoot over the top.  But there is more to Andrew than that which is why double-doubles will be in the morning headlines at times. 

Dawson Paulsen of RC Stevens (12). A big secret here is Dylan Pourier.  With Pourier creating for Stevens now there will be so much more freedom for Paulsen to work, especially considering the work he has put in over the summer.  Dawson has improved to a point of shooting with some range, using a dribble to attack and pull, and of course the ability to put the ball on the deck and complete at the rim.  On or off the ball numbers will come and with Pourier around, the off ball stuff is going to result in so much more numbers wise.