Posted On: 11/12/18 8:24 PM

The halves can be long and the point totals can get big in Class A basketball in North Dakota.  What five players will give coaches the biggest headaches?  

Christian Kuntz of WF Sheyenne (SR). Kuntz was an 18 point per game scorer last year and led the conference in assists.  There wasn’t a gameplan that he didn’t playmake his way through last year as a junior, things will not change as a senior.  Kuntz led Sheyenne to a memorable year playing in the title game and the encore could be even scarier for opposing coaches.  

Elijah Klein of Mandan (JR). Elijah put up 15 and 9 last year sharing buckets and boards with the Stecklers.  Now Elijah has a greatly improved jumper and is playing with a nice pair of heady guards, imagine what he is going to do up front when the paint entirely belongs to him!  Good luck getting help-side bodies on an active Klein now that he’s a junior. 

Trey Mattern of Bismarck Century (SR). Trey picks people apart with his intelligence, consistency, and toughness.  Throw whatever defender you want on him, Trey will pick you apart with his first read as well as with his decision making against a rotating defense.  Trey Mattern is tougher than you and that’s why his team wins.  

Joe Jahner of Bismarck (SR).  Jahner is the best prospect in North Dakota’s senior class and a massive year is expected.  Things fell apart for his team in the middle of last year and it was hard for them to catch up.  That will be different this year when Joe is handling some, making shots from a few steps behind the arc, and doing some of everything as a senior producer.  

Boden Skunberg of Jamestown (JR)/Mason Walters of Jamestown (SR). The most heavily recruited player in the state of North Dakota is Boden Skunberg.  The local D1s have offered and teams like Iowa and checking in on him.  Why?  Boden is a skilled player in a big body wing frame.  The touch is there and he continues to find ways to separate from defenders and complete plays.  Has range too. Mason just committed to hometown Jamestown University and what they are getting is a constant double-double threat.  Walters is a good passer out of the post, he moves extremely well off screen and rolls, his backside activity is high level and playing along with Skunberg opposing teams have to pick their poison.