Posted On: 11/4/18 12:52 PM

Plenty of ill-advised or just plain terrible shots found their way to the rims at Riverdale High, Blackman High, and PCA Saturday.  Thanks to the many misses rebounders were in high demand. 

Take a look at many of the best rebounders from the long basketball day.


Dylan Wade (Whites Creek): Previously a post anchor, Dylan Wade has been encouraged by new Whites Creek Head Coach Rodney English to operate more away from the basket.  While Wade is more convincing with the handle than before he still has a ways to go.  The one element of his game that needs no adjustments is rebounding.  Wade is a quick second-leaper with big shoulders and unending hunger. Wade is the #58 best prospect in 2020.

Cameron Buchanan (Hillsboro): Least familiar and least proven among the top rebounders, now healthy Cameron Buchanan appears to be a wonderful “addition” to Hillsboro’s team.  Buchanan (pictured above) struggled with injuries the last two years.  He looks ready to help now.

Grant Ledford (Grace Christian): Reigning Division II-A State Champion and State Championship Game MVP Ledford consistently collected defensive rebounds against White House.

Bayron Matos (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy): Mississippi State verbal commit in ’20, Bayron Matos played just the one game Saturday night against Riverdale.  He was not dominant offensively against Riverdale’s size, but he was a constant on the glass. Matos is ranked #3 in Class of 2020 just behind Keon Johnson and Matthew Murrell.

Sammy Itodo (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy): Senior Sammy Itodo played a lot Saturday throughout the day.  Committed to Gardner-Webb, Itodo showed great fitness and good springs.  He also blocked plenty of shots.


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