Posted On: 11/8/18 4:03 PM

With the early signing period just five days away we take a quick look at the best available prospects in the Midwest Region overall, and the best available in each state. 

We are breaking the country up into ten different regions starting with the Midwest and continuing with the Great Lakes Region, and many others.  Who are the ten best players in The Midwest Region (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and South Dakota?  We break it down for you now. 

OneMatthew Hurt of Minnesota.  The third ranked player/prospect in the country has said he wants to visit schools on game days before a decision is made.  With no time table and no recent visits we expect Matthew to take his time and make a choice this winter or the spring.  Who is involved? Minnesota, Duke, UNC, KU, UK, Indiana, Memphis, Villanova, and UCLA are the programs that have been listed for months. 

Two. Zeke Nnaji of Minnesota. The 6-foot-10 Hopkins (MN) frontcourt talent brought his list down to five schools earlier in the fall and he’s visited all the programs on his list of five (Arizona, UCLA, Baylor, Purdue, and Kansas) plus North Carolina has got involved meaning Nnaji will see their program on the 16th of this month.  A decision is coming on November 23rd. 

ThreeIsiaih Mosley of Missouri.  The top 100 talent is the top available player in his state and one that should be a key available recruit heading into the winter.  Mississippi State and Missouri State offered Mosley this past summer but we have a feeling the big recruiting rush for Mosley will come some time down the line. 

FourDavid Roddy of Minnesota. Roddy will make his college decision tomorrow night at his school choosing between Colorado State, Northwestern, and Minnesota.  Roddy has visited all three programs officially this fall and has recently been at Minnesota three times in the past two weeks. Roddy is a top 200 player nationally.  

Five. Jourdan Smith of Kansas. A Sunrise Christian big guard originally from Louisiana, Smith spent his summer earning a variety of scholarship options including SMU, Oklahoma, Georgia Southern, and other programs.  Will Smith make a choice from his current available options or does he spend his winter competing in big prep school games around the nation.

SixHarouna Sissoko of Iowa.  Harouna had a fantastic showing at the Prep Hoops Expo and is expected to have a massive season at Grand View Christian.  The 6-foot-7 wing from Mali is the best available player in Iowa right now and one of the more explosive players in this region. 

SevenDarrius Hughes of Missouri. A strong forward from KC at 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds that local programs (UMKC and Omaha) have been after since his strong performances with Team Rush during the 17u year. 

Eight.  Nathan Johnson of Kansas/Iowa. Johnson turned a big corner this summer earning a couple offers and going to Sunrise Christian after his graduation from an Iowa high school.  Johnson is a face-up skilled forward that has earned some calls from high majors and with a big winter doors could open wider. 

NineSpencer Jones of Kansas. A 6-foot-5 wing that picked up a Milwaukee offer at the end of the summer after an outstanding year with the KC Spurs.  Jones is strong, skilled, and often had some efficient big number scoring games that earned him a spot on this list.

Ten. Charles Easley of Nebraska.  The top available player in the Cornhusker state is ranked fourth overall for Nebraska seniors and has a number of D2 scholarship offers that he is picking from. 


Best Available Per State

Iowa: Harouna Sissoko.

Kansas: Jourdan Smith.

Minnesota: Matthew Hurt. 

Missouri: Isiaih Mosley.

Nebraska: Charlie Easley.

North Dakota: Joe Jahner.

South Dakota: Drew Cole.