Posted On: 11/15/18 4:44 PM

We are in the midst of the early signing period for high school basketball.  Many prospects will not sign this week and see their recruitments continue through the high school season.  PrepHoopsTennessee takes a look at the best available prospects at each position heading into the season here!  Here are the Best Available 2019 Bigs!


James Wiseman (Memphis East)

Overall Ranking: #1
Projected Level: HM

James Wiseman is the kind of skilled talent capable of playing a single season of college basketball.  While Kevin Garnett might have been a better prospect a debate could be had for James Wiseman as a realistic ‘straight to NBA’ recruit in Garnett’s era of skipping college.  James has played his recruitment close to the vest, but could easily sign this week.  Stay tuned.


Jason Jitoboh (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy)

Overall Ranking: #6
Projected Level: HM

A victim of circumstance Jason Jitoboh re-opened his recruitment earlier this month.  Stout rim protector that reminds of the classic 1980’s big in style.


Luke Howard (Harding Academy)

Overall Ranking: #21
Projected Level: LM/LM+

Overlooked after an unfortunate AAU snafu with Team Thad.  Howard rarely played during the meaningful months of AAU as he was buried on the Team Thad 17u bench.  He could easily contribute in the Ohio Valley Conference or the like.


Devin Evans (Richard Hardy Memorial)

Overall Ranking: #22
Projected Level: LM

Big body.  Projects as a power forward.  Can rebound at or above average for LM prospect.


Elijah Cobb (Riverdale)

Overall Ranking: #33
Projected Level: D2

Stiff hips, exceptional length.  Cobb’s handle is so much improved in the last year.  He was occasionally, but not often, observed with Pro One Select AAU.  The hunt has not picked up energy like expected thus far.  Cobb is a unique prospect that needs to be evaluated in person more than most.  It is difficult to get a grasp of what he is and is not on tape.


DaQuarius Harris (Kirby)

Overall Ranking: #35
Projected Level: LM

Unlike Elijah Cobb, who probably plays wing forward in college, Harris is more upright and foreboding on defense.  Harris can’t really score like Cobb can, but because Harris is more bouncy and active on the glass he looks like a prospect capable of garnering one or two DI offers.  


Zach Heckert (West Carroll)

Overall Ranking: #37
Projected Level: D3

Classic tweener Heckert is a rebounding juggernaut with limited shooting range.  Heckert will be District MVP again.  It is unlikely many college coaches will get out to his games though.  That region simply doesn’t get many looks.


Donald Fitzgerald (Hillsboro)

Overall Ranking: #39
Projected Level: JuCo/NAIA

Tall and powerful Donald Fitzgerald is extremely unlikely to play high school basketball this winter.  According to two sources Fitzgerald might wind up graduating early and play college football.  Apparently, D Fitz is a tantalizingly good offensive lineman.


Brayden Siren (Riverdale)

Overall Ranking: #49
Projected Level: D3

Concluding his basketball career in March Brayden Siren signed with Middle Tennessee’s baseball program as a pitcher.  Siren continues to make extraordinary leaps in athleticism every six months.  Unfortunately for basketball fans he likes his chances in the baseball sphere better.