Posted On: 11/24/18 1:45 PM


For the first time in 73 games the mighty Bearden High School Bulldogs lost two games in a row, 62-49.

December 1st, 2016.  Back on the first day of December nearly two years ago Bearden dropped a game to Austin-East.  It was the last losing streak endured.  

Grueling Details

Late third quarter, gleefully down seven points, 37-30, Bearden High’s Bulldogs needed a single stop to bring them back into a game they hardly belonged in.

Within seconds sterling sophomore Kaeden Laws (Center Hill) dashed into the lane to score a virtually uncontested layup. 

Consider the series a microcosm for the bleak outing.

Hope was rare. Pain felt permanent. 

The game began with a thigh wrap on Ques Glover. Early after the tip the Bulldogs huffed and puffed perhaps hinting at unrested lungs and legs following a late Friday contest. 

“The game we played last night was a soft call game,” said senior forward Kordel Kah.  “You can’t stretch out soreness.  And we were not beating guys with our first steps.  Usually our first steps are what we rely on.”

Playing two elite southeastern teams without two starters strained the toughness and grit of an ordinarily dominating BHS unit.

“We made it through our first four games llaying five or six guys,” said Coach Parrott.  “You can’t come to an event like this and do that.”

Midway through the second frame Drew Pember left with an apparent injury. 

Though Pember returned he was severely hobbled and a shell of himself.

“You have to watch us practice,” said Coach Parrott.  “We went to contain mode…Keep it in front of us.”

Bearden gets back to practice Monday. 

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