Posted On: 11/24/18 10:21 AM

Interested in the North Carolina basketball senior class, here’s a list of some of the top prospects in early season action of the Phenom Hoop Report Jamborees around North Carolina. I’ve seen most of these players a few times, but I had the chance to see them again just before the Thanksgiving holiday.


Class Of 2019




CJ Jackson


Christian Jackson, 6-6 180, 2G, Washington Prep, Greenville, NC

A very experienced player from the Atlanta area. He’s very bouncy and a very active player. A good shooter, especially from the mid-range area.


Jamahri Harvey, 6-5 180, SF, 2019, Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC

He’s a solid wing. Shoot well, especially from the mid-range. An above average athlete.


Bryant Randleman, 6-4 180, SF, 2019, Durham Academy, Durham, NC

Shows he’s an experienced leader when he’s on the floor. As a left-handed player, he drives the basketball well and finishes at the hoop. He’s also shown that he can be a really good defender.


Tyler Dearman, 6-4 180, 2G, 2019, Southern Guilford HS, Greensboro, NC

Has shown solid play each time I’ve seen him play. A very good shooter with good shooting range.


EJ Bethea, 6-2 180, 2G, 2019, Cape Fear Christian, Erwin, NC

Has a solid mid-range game. A strong player who attacks and finishes well around the basket.


Noah Dunn, 6-4 210, SF, 2019, Greensboro Day, Greensboro, NC

(Recently returned from injury. He’s been out since June.)

A very physical wing player that attacks the basket really well.


Combo Guards


Trey Alston, 6-1 175, G, 2019, Christ School, Arden, NC

A solid combo guard from the Columbia SC area. Has a nice a shooting stroke with solid 3-pt range anywhere around the arc. Uses his quickness to be a good defender.


Brad Halvorsen, 5-11 170, 1G, 2019, Christ School, Arden, NC

He’s your solid guard. A little undersized for the shooting guard position, but he makes up for it as one of the best shooters in the state.