Posted On: 11/13/18 1:49 AM

The eyes of @PrepHoopsTN can not be everywhere.  Painful as it is to admit we need help enjoying the game statewide. 

Dissect Clarksville’s Jamboree with the help of @931HoopsReport Founder Jake Price.

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Clarksville vs. West Creek

The Coyotes of West Creek began scratching the record, making the gymnasium full of cool kids stop dancing for one minute, late last season.  

They impressed at the Riverdale Play Day a week prior to the Jamboree.

“West Creek, to me, is the best team in the District after that night,” said Jake Price.  “The main thing that is really concerning me is that they could not finish games (last year).”

Two different teams wore the Coyote clothes in 2017-2018.  

“They went into the Region 5AAA semis and pretty much played sloppy basketball,” said Price.  “After Christmas is when they caught fire. They beat Rossview in double OT. They lost to Northeast 3 times and by 20 points.”

West Creek’s junior-dominated team matured into seniors.  They return all of their important pieces and the cohesion permeates the school.

“This is going to be West Creek’s win or bust year. You have to at least go to the District Finals this year.”

Who are the bankable assets?

Montre, Jaylen, Kamarie Coffie.

PrepHoopsTN was fortunate enough to have all three at Fall Combine late September.

After the event, during which Montre Boddie, Jaylen Negron, and Kamarie Coffie all made the All-Star Game, Boddie landed #153 in the latest rankings.

Boddie climbed 20 places by proving he can actually climb the trees to finish in the forest, while Negron fell slightly (#73 from #66) because he still hasn’t added upper body strength.

“He needs more muscle,” said Price. “I talked to his dad.  He told me he is going to work out over the winter.”

Of the three Class of 2020 wing Kamarie has the best college-ready body.

“Kamarie…He is pretty much a skinny version of Alec (Kegler). Same height. Same everything. Definitely needs some muscle in his body.”

The 6-foot-4 wing moves so fluidly.  His summer consisted of running with Tennessee Edge 17u and 16u.  Coach Tony Thompson constantly raves about Coffie’s game. 

“He can definitely pass the ball,” said Price.  “He can definitely play post when you ask him to. He has to get quicker, as well.”

West Creek is ready for a great season, possibly their best season.  

What does Clarksville High have?

“Best freshman and possibly the best player is JJ Wheat,” said Price. 

Wheat is the one player Price raved most about after the event.

“Great kid,” said Price. “Super coachable. Student of the game. Trainers will tell me that he will ask ‘What is your perspective on basketball?’ The whole nine yards. Every coach would die to have him. The kid does everything right. Drives inside super well.  Freshman plays like a junior.”

Clarksville’s team includes Wheat.  Expect the starting five to look like:

C Devyn Bender   ’20
WG Jamarco Mimms  ’20
G Nick Keener   ’19
PG JJ Wheat  ’22
PG Jaheim Berry ’22