Posted On: 11/23/18 4:00 PM

Here is a look at the top five performers from the final day at the Arcadia Valley Thanksgiving Tournament in Ironton, MO.

Brock Wakefield 6’2″ South Iron (’21) : The talented young guard is a tremendous 3-point shooter who knocked down four 3-pointers of the first half in the championship game, including three in succession in the first half that really got the crowd in a frenzy. In addition to having long-distance range, he has the ability to get buckets off the dribble as he created his own shots getting to the rim.



Drenin Dinkins 5’8″ South Iron (’22) – An excellent young point guard who can score, handle the ball and pass it while playing with a high basketball IQ. He scored a game-high 26 points in the championship game. He can knock down 3-pointers with excellent range, plus he displayed a nice float game on the baseline and in the lane. The son of the head coach, he has a very bright future ahead of him.



Alex Winkelman 6’0″ Fredericktown (’19) – A talented offensive player who scored a team-high 16 points to lead the Bearcats to the victory in the third-place game. In the first-half, he displayed his shooting range as he knocked down three 3-pointers, including one from NBA distance. In the second half, he showcased some nice dribble drive moves to the basket for scores.



Kyle Conkright 5’10” Ellington (’21): The young point guard is off to an excellent start to his sophomore season as a scorer and facilitator. He displayed the ability to break his man off the dribble to get into the lane to either score of find an open teammate for an easy scoring opportunity. He also played well off the ball and knocked down a couple of 3-pointers.



DJ Prater 6’0″ South Iron (’22): A bouncy lefty young combo guard who is tough to matchup with with his athleticism and overall skill set. He plays well off the ball and gets to open spots to knock down his high-arching 3-pointer. He is a good slasher with the ball in his hands where he can get in the lane and elevate on a short jumper. He is also an excellent defender with his length.