Posted On: 11/20/18 12:01 PM

I made it over to Alonso on Monday night for a pair of preseason matchups.

Here is a look at the top performers by team.

Victory Christian

-2020 6’3″ guard Abdiel Echevvaria proved to be the best piece out there for Victory Christian. He’s quietly athletic, can dunk and drive on his own. He found himself in foul trouble, but his feel for the paint and overall toughness will go a long way.

-2019 6’6″ forward Wilfredo Rodriguez is a hard worker with a good mid-range jumper. A strong-minded forward, he isn’t afraid to mix it up inside and draw contact.

2020 5’10” guard Christian Flores is a passionate guard who plays with a speedy mindset. He is a good shooter who loves to go to the rack and cover the opposing team’s best player. 


-2019 6’5″ guard Darin Green Jr. may have signed to UCF already, but that didn’t stop him from playing nearly every second of the preseason opener. His shot wasn’t falling, but he takes smart jumpers and does all the little things defensively and as a core rebounder.

-2020 6’4″ guard Carr Thiam was very active as a passer and stretch shooter. He is very quick and decisive with the ball. Thiam made a few clutch baskets down the stretch to give Wharton the victory.

-2019 6’1″ guard Jasper Floyd is a high IQ point guard with sound ballhandling skills. He’s part of a deep group of reliable 3-point shooters. Floyd’s play in transition will go a long way this season for Wharton.


2019 6’4″ guard Sager Cavalier was having his way on attacks and driving to the rack with ease. The senior was by far the best scorer on the floor for Alonso all night long.

-2019 6’5″ guard/forward Kamalii Findlay is fresh off football season but that didn’t stop him from logging heavy minutes in the preseason opener. He was making full court passes and really set the tone as a passer and steady piece on both ends of the floor.

-2021 6’7″ forward Tripp Burdgess came off the bench and was a true sparkplug for Alonso. He had a two-handed jam in the first quarter, a sequence with two blocks in the fourth quarter and he gave his side an edge sealing the paint. Burdgess has nimble feet and good awareness inside. He is going to be a mismatch all season long.

-2020 6’3″ guard/forward Jordan Savage is perhaps the most reliable player for Alonso. He is a solid presence who constantly hustles for rebounds and loose balls. He can shoot, but his active play is what makes him so impressive.

Wesley Chapel

-2020 6’3″ guard Isaiah Ramsey wasn’t on his game in terms of shooting in the first half. But as the game went on, he improved. Ramsey is a stellar athlete who could stand to be more aggressive. He has plenty of upside.

-2019 6’1″ guard Trystan Hanson gave his team a floor stretching ability with his 3-point jumper. He is at his best when his feet are set and he can get the full arc on the ball. Hanson will be a top scorer for Wesley Chapel this season.