Posted On: 11/9/18 10:36 AM

The town of Ann Arbor is in what could be called a Golden Age of high school basketball. Over the last few seasons, the city has continued to send elite talent through all 3 high school doors. Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline have all sent multiple players to the next level. They have all seen success, which has helped nurture some of the best rivalries in Michigan.

This season looks to be no different. Huron will be a young squad, bolstered by one of the deepest and most skilled 2021 classes in the state. Pioneer will trot out one of the best 1-2 punches statewide. Skyline has an array of talent at multiple positions. Taking the 3 Ann Arbor schools, we have created a seven player All Ann Arbor Team.

Starting Five

Drew Lowder (2019, PG, Pioneer)

Lowder is probably one of the top 5 seniors in the state of Michigan and coukd be a finalist for Mr. Basketball. He’s lightning quick with great handles. Lowder can shoot from deep or penetrate the lane and dish. He is committed to Holy Cross. 

Devin Womack (2021, G, Huron)

Womack left no doubt after his freshmen season. He showed a mature game and has the ability to score from multiple spots on the floor. Womack is a smooth athlete and easily a top 20 player in the class of 2021.

Ryan Wade (2019, SG, Skyline)

Wade should be considered a potential finalist for Mr. Basketball. He can score from anywhere on the floor. Wade is an elite defender who uses his wingspan and footwork to engulf the offensive player. He is a top 5 prospect in the senior class and is committed to Holy Cross. 

Kasean Pryor (2019, SF, Pioneer)

Pryor is one of the 10 best seniors in the state. He’s a perimeter scorer with height that allows him to shoot over defenders. His athleticism is underappreciated, and that could be seen all summer. Pryor can run the floor and finish at the rim or run the wing and spot up from three.

DeSean Munson (2019, F, Skyline)

Munson is an athlete who can get up and down the floor. He is a solid rim protector and can guard the perimeter as well. In fact, he may be the best defender in the SEC Red. Munson is active on the glass and is always a threat for put back buckets. 

Off The Bench

Kabir Bergin (2020, F, Skyline)

Bergin has a unique skill set. He’s an excellent shooter from deep, but also has a set of back to the basket post moves that are highly effective. Bergin is active on the glass, showing the ability to win position underneath the rim. 

Julian Lewis (2021, G, Huron)

Lewis is a muat see prospect that is highly ranked in the class of 2021. He has a keen understanding of the game and will never be outworked. Lewis is an explosive athlete who can put the ball in the bucket. He will show an eccellent defensive game this fall.