Posted On: 11/19/18 4:30 PM

The 2020 class is filled with notable perimeter players. Coaches will be surprised by the play of the 2020 post players. There are three players that stand out right now. (Featured Image Credit: HAWKSELITEAAU)


Dallas Howell (Enterprise)Howell has the size at 6’7 and skill set to play the 3 and the 4. Howell has a really good stroke and excellent feel for the game. He rebounds well and uses his deceptive athleticism to his advantage. He reminds me of Riley Norris. Opening the season with a double double (19 and 10) and a win, Howell is poised to have a huge year and pick up more D1 offers. 


Cole Larue (McGill-Toolen)Larue opened the season on fire! He’s nearly averaging a double double, and Cole has been a force on defense. Larue (6’8) shows good skill and has face-up ability. If Cole continues to improve his body and skill set, the forward will play himself into bonafide low-major or mid-major offers. 


Rongie Gordon (Sindey Lanier)Gordon is a big (6’8) physical player. He has excellent size. He has the ability to stretch the floor. Gordon is a top 10 talent in the class. He is already receiving major D1 interests. Gordon can be a double-double every night, and Gordon should play a huge role in Lanier’s success this season.