Posted On: 11/16/18 9:29 AM

The 2019 recruiting class is oozing with potential. What makes this class unique? The class outlook breaks down strengths and weaknesses of the class. (Image Credit: Village Living)



Perimeter size and skill. Size on the perimeter is super valuable. College coaches love athletes that can play multiple positions and have a variety of skills. Alabama’s 2019 class features 45 perimeter players that listed at 6’3 or above. The top of the class features high-major perimeter players, but low-major schools, D2, and D3 schools will be very pleased with the available players.


Low-major prospects. The majority of the 2019 class has low-major written all over them.  The class has a lot of upside at every position. Programs will find value in the class. There are players at every position that can contribute, and they will have productive collegiate careers.



Mid-Major and high-major prospects. The top of the 2019 class has prospects at the high-major and mid-major levels, but the depth of this level tails off. Prospects could definitely gain interest through out the season, but do not be surprised to see prospects opt for the prep or juco route to gain higher interests.


True Posts. Without question, the strength of the class is on the perimeter. The 2019 class has 18 true post prospects. The talent of these prospects is also all over the map, and with the lack of depth at the position, next level programs should strike while prospects are still available.