Posted On: 11/1/18 2:00 PM

With great length and some serious shooting ability, Iowa City’s High wing Ry Threlkeld-Wiegand has long been an intriguing prospect in Iowa.

The 6-foot-4 senior is now preparing to head into his final season with the Little Hawkeyes. And he’s still got a lot to prove, not the least of which is how versatile of a player he’s become.

“I feel like a skill-set that’s always been there for me is my spot-up shooting and being able to hit contested jump-shots. This summer I’ve been working on my driving game and a lot of post-moves and hook-shots, things like that,” said Threlkeld-Wiegand.

“And then on the defensive end, I’ve been working on help-side defending and things like that, and trying to be a better communicator and a better leader on the court.”

A product of Iowa Dynasty, the lengthy forward was one of the leaders of their 17U squad this summer, and he spent the offseason cultivating his ability to play in the paint.

“The biggest thing I improved on was being aggressive going to the hoop and being strong with it, and being able to finish through contact and things like that,” said Threlkeld-Wiegand.

With Iowa City High this summer, he worked on becoming a better leader.

“In the offseason we improved a lot on sharing the basketball and making the extra pass. And this year the big goal for me is to be a leader, especially when things get tough.”

After high school, Threlkeld-Wiegand is still unsure as to whether he wants to play baseball, basketball, both, or go to school just for academics.

“I’ve talked with some smaller D3s like Coe, and talked to them about maybe playing both sports,” Threlkeld-Wiegand said. “I’m on the fence right now, doing both would be pretty tough, so I’d probably do one or the other.”

He added: “It’s going to come down to deciding on which sport I think I could see myself going all out for for four years. And I’ll just have to make that decision when it comes time.”