Posted On: 11/28/18 3:51 PM

Last night, Copper Hills traveled to Corner Canyon and was able to pull out a win on one of the best 5A teams in the state. This was a game that we were keeping an eye because there was going to be some great match-ups. 

Copper Hills can PLAY!

Trevon Allfrey and Stone Hutchings might not have any high profiles schools looking at them, but they don’t care. They are here to ball! They play fluid offense and PG Kyland Shorts will pick you up full-court. Copper Hills might not be getting all the publicity other 6A programs are getting but they are a legitimate threat to all 6A contenders

Under the Radar Prospects: Stone Hutchings & Trevon Allfrey

Corner Canyon has a Division 1 signee in Hayden Welling but Trevon Allfrey looked more like the Division 1 prospect as he was able to score on Welling in many ways, but none better than a poster dunk early in the 1st quarter on a drop step.

Stone Hutchings a 6’4 G that we featured not to long ago out played his counterpart who signed to play Division 2 basketball. Stone lead all players with 21 points. The 2020 guard is a very underrated talent. 

Trevon doesn’t jump out at you as a freak athlete or extra long but the kid can absolutely play. He reminds me of Tim Duncan.

Stone is sneaky quick, fast, smart, explosive etc.. We can go on and on. Stone is an ideal Div 2 player that can do it all, but still has room to grow.

Was Corner Canyon Exposed?

In a night were everyone expected these two teams to go toe to toe, it seemed as if Corner Canyon just didn’t have the dogs they had last year. Corner Canyon went to Welling and Toombs the 1st eight possessions on sets but couldn’t get anything going. They were matched physically and really struggled to find that third option. 

The Chargers will get back injured guard Trace Ross soon and things will likely change but there is some worry of the youth that was and wasn’t used. 

Kyland Shorts


Maybe .not the name you were thinking of hearing but watching Kyland play defense and do the little things this early in the year is only going to build his confidence as a floor leader. He controlled the ball with ease and was disruptive on defense. 

Kyland only had 4 points but he had 5 rebounds, 4 assist and 1 steal. He was doing all the little things. Look for Kyland to be a big reason Copper Hills has success.. 

Keeping Teams Off Balance

One of the biggest differences that I see with elite programs is the ability to do the things that they do well often and keeping teams off balance on either side of the court. Copper Hills had some great sets but they had multiple options that flow with their motion.

Corner Canyon has the ability to Keep teams off balance but they had to reset almost every time something didn’t go as planed. We’ve seen Corner Canyon play with more freedom and creativity.