Posted On: 11/21/18 3:30 PM

Aurora Christian played on Wednesday at the prestigious Washington Tournament of Champions Tournament.  They took on Pleasant Grove out of Utah.  The squad from out west was balanced and very good.  Pleasant Grove won the game 78-54.  There was still a lot to take away from this game for Aurora Christian as we dive into that here in our 5 Takeaways: Aurora Christian vs Pleasant Grove.


Will Wolfe Continuing Momentum from Summer

We thought that Will Wolfe was the most impressive 2020 prospect in the Illinois Wolves program over the spring/summer.  He has continued that momentum into his junior campaign.  The 6’6” small forward has a skilled offensive game.  He can shoot the ball from mid-range pulling up.  Plus shooter off the catch from three as well.  Excellent feel passing the ball especially in the half court.  Crisp dishes on solid reads.  Liked how he worked out of the high-post area going around the 7’4” big man from Utah on several occasions.  Quickness and grit give him the ability to score inside.  Finished with 18 points.


Aurora Christian Has Two Very Talented Guards

A pair of guards from Aurora Christian are ones to watch.  One we knew about coming in and the other one we didn’t.  The first was junior Taaj Davis.  He played well with Hoops Intensity Training over the summer and once again showed he could shoot it with his lefty stroke.  Quick and concise release on shot.  Slick handles and likes the floater game when in the paint.  He had 12 points.  The prospect that put himself on our radar was 6’1” Jaehshon Thomas.  Overall has a good feel for the game despite a few turnovers.  He has a clean shooting stroke that he connected regularly from mid-range.  Good pushing in the open floor.  He had 18 points in the game.


TOC Will Push Aurora Christian Later in Year

Despite the loss this tough competition at the Washington TOC will only make Aurora Christian better down the line.  They will not see this level of competition in the small school state tournament.  Great early season test for this squad.


7’4” Matthew Van Komen Looks Like Good Get for Utah

Van Komen is a Utah commit that stands at 7’4”.  He towered over everyone on the floor in this game.  Most guys that big have a difficult time moving, but this post showed some mobility.  He caught several alley-oops, crashed the glass, and displayed good hands catching passes inside.  Went for 14 points.


Overall Team Play by Pleasant Grove

Outside of Van Komen nobody really jumped off the page individually, but as a team they were rock solid.  This group defends all over the court, shares the basketball, and hits open shots.  Should be a force in Utah hoop this season.