Posted On: 11/11/18 8:00 AM

Making the jump from high school ball to college can be a big transition for most players. Here are the players, from the Class of 2020, that I think will have an immediate college impact. 

Kyree Walker (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

Walker is the single best athlete that I have seen at the high school level. He has a very college ready body and the skills to match. Before he reopened his recruiting, he was committed to Arizona State University. I imagine that he would’ve been in the starting lineup from game 1 and the same will probably be true no matter what college he ends up at. 

Dalen Terry (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

Terry is super long and is a great passer. I would love to have him as my starting point guard because I am a fan of big guards, for defensive/rebounding purposes, and smart guards. He has both of the things that I want in a point guard and college coaches have taken notice of him. He should be given the keys to run the offense at whatever school he ends up at. 

Jeron Artest (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

My favorite thing about Artest is his defensive efforts. Yes, he is able to score the ball at a high rate but his defensive efforts are the highlight of his overall game. He is relentless and almost tireless in his quest to shutdown his opponents. You can tell that he really takes pride in his defense and I love that trait. He will find his way into a starting college lineup very fast. 

Evan Nelson (Salpointe 2020):

Nelson is very versatile and that makes him able to contribute to whoever lands him immediately. Nelson can score at a high level, has one of the highest basketball IQ’s in the state, and plays great defense. I believe all of those skill sets will translate to the next level as he continues to develop physically and athletically. 

Dominic Gonzalez (Ironwood 2020):

Gonzalez is one of the best scorer’s in the class of 2020 and that is something that translates to college. It’s the simplest, most pure form of the game, scoring the ball. Gonzalez has a number of ways he can get the ball in the basket and is a very smart player. I think he will help any college that lands him immediately.