Posted On: 11/24/18 5:31 AM

The West Florence HS Turkey Shootout had plenty of talent with the 8 teams in the event. Lets take a look at some of the 2020 Top Performers in the event. 


Dillon Jones – Keenan HS (pictured on front)

Jones was just doing it all today for the Raiders inside the paint. Jones 6’6 is a very versatile player on the floor. Jones was scoring at the basket posting up at times and also bringing the ball up the floor. Jones has great court vision and makes plays for his teammates on the floor. Jones is ranked #4 in the Palmetto State 2020 Class. Jones finished the game with 18 points vs Darlington HS. 


Raekwon Horton

Raekwon Horton – Keenan HS 

Horton 6’5 was slashing to the rack tonight vs the Darlington HS Falcons. Horton has added some weight to his frame this off season. Horton took high honors with Jones at 18 points apiece in the victory over Darlington HS. Horton can knockdown shots on the perimeter as good size wing player. 


Jamean Muldrow

Jamean Muldrow – Darlington HS 

Muldrow is just consistent for the Falcons night in and night out. Muldrow is a versatile player playing the 1-3 positions on the floor at times. Muldrow 6’1 left-handed guard got on the floor for some loose balls and also looked to attack the baseline at times. Muldrow finished with 10 points in the loss to Keenan HS 62-59. 


Ryan Dupree

Ryan Dupree – Marlboro County HS (Bennettsville) 

Dupree is a bit of a junk yard dog for the Bulldogs. Dupree 6’3 does his best work around the basket inside the paint. Dupree will get put-backs and effort baskets for the most part. The Bulldogs with a young roster will look for Dupree for leadership this coming season. Dupree scored 18 points in a victory over CA Johnson. 


William Hemingway – Loris HS 

Hemingway 6’4 was all over the floor in the game vs West Florence. Hemingway is a pogo stick with his athleticism. Hemingway has good length and will be a match-up problems for teams this season especially in region play.