Posted On: 10/25/18 7:39 PM

Jordan Asuncion 2022 Kimball High-Jordan is an athlete in every sense of the word. With a strong body Jordan takes off from anywhere and will score. With a no quit mentality Jordan fly’s up the floor using one crossover per possession and get straight to the bucket. A player that waste no time putting his stamp on the game. Very good from 17 feet and in Jordan can knock down the mid range at a high rate. Also uses floaters and pull ups to avoid charges and waiting defenders.


Gary Tran 2022 Kimball High-Gary is a very good play maker in the open court. With an amazing arsenal of moves he gets by any defender in his way. He is very good in the pick and roll setting himself and his teammates for an easy score. Also with his quickness he becomes a very pesky defender picking up 94 feet. Grabbing steals and trapping offensive player when their back is turned.


Nicole Graves 2022 Oak Ridge- Nick is a very young prospect and with a wiry frame slips his way in and out getting to the rim. One of Nick’s best attributes is making something out of nothing. Getting trapped he finds the right pass, or getting caught in the air he finds a cutting defender with a bounce pass.  With a very good standing shot, he also is a great man to swing it to for an easy bucket. Nick also has a very good reach that allows him to tip passes and steal passes that are out of reach.


Matthew Schroeder 2023- One of 3-8th grade players at camp Matthew made his mark. With a very strong build he competed on every level. Knocking down pull up three’s getting to the rim getting fouled. With a strong handle as well he stayed fundamental and got his teammates involved. Mathew will be ready for high school ball with his cut throat mentality.


Jalen Newhouse 2023- Another 8th grader from camp Jalen has the whole package. He is able to finish with both hands. Uses his body very well for a young player and can shoot the lights out. With confidence out of the building he held his own against some of Nor Cal’s top upperclassman. Asserting himself as the lead guard on his team Jalen played himself into the camps rising stars game as an 8th grader. Very good young player with a very good IQ.