Posted On: 10/5/18 2:00 PM


This year’s WA Top 250 Expo offered participants a chance to show their current skill level while giving scouts the opportunity to see the future potential of these players. Everyone took the opportunity and made the most of it. Here are the Forwards/Post players who made an impact with the opportunity. Note, although I have these players listed as forwards and posts, they all showed a versatility to their game which means just because they’ve been labeled with a postion doesn’t mean they’re limited in any way.


Zane Foster-7’0, C/O 2019 (Puyallup High School/FOH/Washington Supreme)-The senior was very strong on the defensive end, blocking shots or altering them at every attempt. He showed some development on the offense end as well, knocking down jumpers as well as making some strong back to the basket moves despite suffering an ankle injury during the event.




Jackson Grant-6’8, C/O 2021 (Olympia High School/PTech)-The sophomore was one of the standouts among all positions for the Expo. He showed some good leadership qualities off the court as well, helping out teammates and being vocal during the game. Bright future ahead of him.




Carter Korab-6/5, C/O 2021 (Jackson High School/FOH)-The smooth lefty showed the ability to play different positions effectively during the Expo. He used his long frame to keep smaller players out of the paint while still being effective defensively against larger players. With his playing time going up this season, look for big things from Carter.



Chika N’duka 6’5, C/O 2020 (Eastside Catholic School Sammamish)-Rebounded and defended well during the Expo despite being often undersized in his match ups. Played with an intensity coaches would love to have on their team. Offensive game is starting to develop.